There has been some renewed interest in former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick with all the social justice protests going on around the country. His career infamously stalled out after he began protesting police brutality by kneeling during the National Anthem.

While he said kneeling had nothing to do with disrespecting the flag, many took it as a blatant sign of disrespect. As a result, no team has wanted to risk alienating and angering the majority of their fan base by signing him.

More of the country is now backing the need for police reform and social justice. Subsequently, many are also calling for Kaepernick to get another chance in the NFL. A few team executives and coaches have expressed support for the idea as has NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and even President Trump.

But no one has decided to give him a workout yet.

That has not stopped anyone from believing he should get another chance or deserves one. The idea has gained enough traction in the media and online that is offering odds on who might sign him:

·         Team To Sign Kaepernick Before Week 1 Reg Season

o   Baltimore Ravens                            +200

o   Seattle Seahawks                            +250

o   Houston Texans                               +400

o   Kansas City Chiefs                           +500

o   Jacksonville Jaguars                        +750

o   Los Angeles Chargers                     +800

o   Minnesota Vikings                          +800

o   Tennessee Titans                            +1000

o   Philadelphia Eagles                         +1200

o   New England Patriots                    +1600

o   Dallas Cowboys                               +1800

Many teams have expressed support for Kaepernick and belief in his talent as have several players. But the players do not make the decisions, and most of the teams with odds do not need him. Even though they all support him, no one is going to make a move that doesn’t help the team.

His talent is not the only thing teams will have to consider. Whoever signs him will have to deal with a tremendous amount of backlash. They will also have to wonder if he will be more committed to playing or using his platform for social justice issues.

So—who could sign him?

He would be an excellent backup for Lamar Jackson, but unless he is willing to take league minimum, the Ravens are more likely to stick with Robert Griffin III. Seattle has brought him in before without signing him, so why would they do so now?  

Jerry Jones will never sign him, so the Cowboys are out. He would be a good backup for Deshaun Watson, but they would risk angering most of their fan base. Tennessee is invested in Ryan Tannehill now, as is the Vikings in Kirk Cousins.

Kansas City has Chad Henne listed as their No. 2 right now. But it would not be shocking if XFL standout, Jordan Ta’amu were to win the job. So, the Chiefs don’t really need him either.

That leaves the Jaguars, Patriots, Chargers, and Eagles.

Of those four, the Jaguars may have the most significant need. They seem committed to giving Gardner Minshew a shot, though. Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn has expressed support but has stated he likes the quarterbacks he has.

The Eagles are going with Carson Wentz until his body quits on him, which only leaves the Patriots.

If there is anyone that is not going to care about public opinion or backlash, it is Bill Belichick. He may seem happy to go with Jarrett Stidham for now. But if Stidham were to lose his confidence, the Patriots could sign him.

The possibility is not worth betting the house on (or even the outhouse). It is worth skipping your daily latte for a few days, though.