chase young

Defensive Rookie of the Year Race Down to Two Players?

When it comes to Defensive Rookie of the Year (DROY), the early contenders are often the big-name guys who were stars in college. They are the guys we know, which makes them the guys the media and voters would...
NFL bubble

Odds on Whether the NFL Playoffs Will Be Played In A Bubble Format

The NFL took a significant risk this season in not working in additional off weeks where they could reschedule games. But so far, the league has been able to make it work. As a result, we have had some...
Justin Herbert

Can Anyone Beat Out Justin Herbert For Offensive Rookie of the Year?

For much of the season, the Offensive Rookie of the Year (OROY) race appeared to be between just two people—Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow. When Burrow went down with a season-ending injury, the race seemed to be between Herbert...

Odds on Which NFL Head Coach Is Getting Fired Next

Head coaches in the NFL are human. They are going to make mistakes. But just like any job, numerous errors are often not tolerated. When a head coach finally makes one too many, it is not unheard of for...
Defensive Player of the Year

2020 Defensive Player of the Year Turning into A Three-Man Race

It is a lot harder to judged defensive-minded awards than their offensive counterparts. For offensive ones, voters can get a good idea of who to pay attention to by looking at the stats. But that is not the case...
Taysom Hill and Drew Brees

What Does the Future Hold For Taysom Hill and Drew Brees?

The New Orleans Saints have been fortunate to have Drew Brees at quarterback for as long as they have. However, like all good things, his time with the Saints will eventually have to come to an end. Fans will...
nfc south

Can the New Orleans Saints Win the NFC South With Taysom Hill?

Drew Brees is not the same guy that he was ten years ago, but he is still one of the best quarterbacks in the business. With him in charge of the offense, the New Orleans Saints stood an excellent...
LeBron James

How Much Love And Respect Will The Lakers Show LeBron James?

The last decade was a hard one for fans of the Los Angeles Lakers. No matter how hard they tried or who they managed to sign, they just could not climb out of the cellar. That is, until they...
Kyle Trask

Kyle Trask A Surprising Heisman Favorite At One Sportsbook

There has not been too much college football fans could feel sure about this year. But there has been one thing—they knew who would win the Heisman Trophy this season. It would be either Clemson's Trevor Lawrence, Ohio State's...

How Well Will Alex Smith Play Against the Detroit Lions This Week?

For him, it probably felt like he would never get another chance to start in an NFL game. But it is finally going to happen for Washington quarterback Alex Smith this week. He has been active and ready to...