What Is The Biggest Sportsbook? Biggest Online Sportsbook Bonuses

What is the biggest online sportsbook? That is something of a loaded question. Big in what way? The most players? The most odds? The largest presence? Everybody’s answer would probably be different to that question, but we’re going to evaluate a lot of different factors to talk about the biggest online sportsbook.

The one constant that is undeniable about these sportsbooks that are mentioned is that they command a lot of respect in the world of online sports betting. One of the best indicators of a top sportsbook is the kind of players that it attracts. Sportsbooks that get customers with deep pockets or serious bettors that want to make sure that they are playing somewhere safe are only going to bet with the best. You want to bet with the best, too.

Oftentimes, the best are also the biggest for that very reason. Sportsbooks don’t get to be big by turning customers away or by making it hard for bettors to get their money. In the betting business, reputation means everything. It really, truly does. Big and best are synoymous and there are a lot of sportsbooks that want to be the best or think they are the best, but they fall short in one way or another.

We’ve got a lot of experience in this space and we feel confident in our abilities to point you in the right direction.

Bovada – As far as the literal definition of the biggest online sportsbook, the answer is Bovada. Bovada serves the highest number of North American clients and is available in countries around the world. With the current generation of bettors, Bovada is the household name, but Bovada got its start as an offshoot of Bodog, which was one of the biggest sportsbooks in the world.

Bovada promotes a Las Vegas-style gaming experience and the ability to follow through on that promise is the reason why it is the biggest sports betting site for North American players and could very well be the biggest one in the world overall.

Bovada has it all and that is one of many reasons why customers have flocked there to scratch their sports betting itches with regularity. They also have a robust online casino and poker room, but since we’re focused on the biggest online sportsbooks, we’ll stick with the sports side of things.

Bovada is a really creative sportsbook when it comes to prop betting options and futures. They have an extensive catalog of betting markets with the traditional spread, money line, and total, but Bovada is a book that really caters to recreational types of bettors that are looking to bet on anything and everything. That is why they are at the forefront of the industry and the biggest online sportsbook.

Bookmaker – In terms of a global presence, you won’t find a sportsbook with a heavier name than Bookmaker. While Bovada may beat Bookmaker in volume, the latter is a sportsbook that has been world-renowned as an innovator, an originator, and a place that sets the market that other sportsbooks copy. The thing about Bookmaker that continues to stand out after all of these years is that they are regularly talked about as one of the “sharpest” sportsbooks in the industry.

The reason that is the case is that they have always welcomed and embraced action from big bettors. When their lines move, sportsbooks across the world move along with them, even if they haven’t seen those same bets. In that respect, Bookmaker could very well own the title of the biggest online sportsbook. Their larger-than-life presence and influence is noticeable to say the least.

Also, unlike Bovada, which is only about a decade old, Bookmaker has been around for upwards of 30 years. That means 30 years of customer acquisition. That means 30 years of being a trusted, reputable, honest, and frequently visited online sportsbook.

Other books are willing to embrace similar levels of volume, also known as betting handle, but they get it en masse from recreational players, deep-pocketed players, and the occasional sharp or pro bettor. Bookmaker takes the money that shapes the market. Depending on your definition, that could very well make Bookmaker the biggest online sportsbook.

BetOnline – As far as the US Sports betting market goes, BetOnline is the closest to Bovada in terms of customers and handle. BetOnline has been around for a while, but recently started to gain a ton of traction in the industry as an innovator. For a long time, BetOnline was the first sportsbook to open college football lines. They are usually the first or second to post MLB lines. They are willing to take some risk in order to open the overnight market with lines for a variety of different sports.

That garners respect, not only from recreational bettors that are looking for a nice place to post up, but also from influential, sharp bettors. Those people carry a lot of weight in the business and that is one of many reasons why BetOnline is moving up the charts as far as the biggest online sportsbooks.

As a result, they’ve steadily increased their reach and their reputation has grown alongside the customer base. They aren’t on the level of Bookmaker or Bovada yet, but the reason we mention them is that they are trending in that direction. With really generous deposit bonuses and a really strong marketing team, they’ve been able to get a big piece of the sports betting pie and seem to be using that as a springboard to grow and prosper at a rapid rate.

Like we said, it all depends on your definition of “biggest online sportsbook”, but these are three that really do stand above the market in so many different ways, especially in terms of influence, size, and reputation.