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One of the most trusted names in the sports betting industry is Bookmaker. Bookmaker was established online in 1996 and has been a pioneer ever since. Many people still refer to Bookmaker as the “place where the line originates” and an account is a must-have for any serious sports bettor. Reputation is everything in the world of online sports betting.

Bookmaker Sportsbook Review

To say that Bookmaker is a leader in the online sportsbook business is an understatement. This is the place where all lines start. Most books will not even open a betting line until Bookmaker oddsmakers have established the number. This is a high-volume bookmaker that takes $5,000 bets as routinely as most books take $100 bets. This is not only where professional players play, but with a loyalty program and better than average bonuses, this is also where the average sports fan bets.

There are a lot of people that will only bet with a top-rated sportsbook like Bookmaker. Too many companies have pulled one over on their customers or have made the withdrawal process way too difficult. Not Bookmaker. Your money is there when you want it and you aren’t going to get banned for being a winner. As the industry has evolved, so has Bookmaker. They accept most forms of cryptocurrency and have always put a high priority on the safety and security of their customers. There are so many levels of security with Bookmaker and so many safeguards in place that users can be confident in their privacy when they opt to sign up and send funds.

If you aren’t betting with Bookmaker, you should be. If we haven’t convinced you yet, here are several more reasons why.

Bookmaker Sportsbook Incentives

New Account Bonuses

Does Bookmaker Offer Bonuses?

  • 100% Cash Welcome Bonus (for crypto depositors)
  • Offer is for new accounts and is one time only. Thirty (30) time rollover required (on deposit amount + bonus) before any withdrawals can be made.
  • Maximum bonus awarded is $500 cash.

Those new to betting online must be aware of the temptation of bonuses in the marketplace. Virtually every online sportsbook offers them but the old saying, if it looks too good to be true then it probably is, could not be more applicable than in the world of sportsbooks trying to win your business. What good is an amazing bonus if you have little or no chance of getting paid when you win? If you are searching for the biggest and best bonuses then you will find others that are better than Bookmaker’s but caveat emptor – buyer beware.

This is not to say that Bookmaker does not extend bonuses to new and existing customers because they certainly do and will apply them the moment you sign up or redeposit. The bonuses do vary depending on special promotions during a particular sporting season but suffice it to say, they are available and as of this writing, those who deposit using an accepted cryptocurrency will receive a 25% cash back bonus for the first deposit up to $500. Bookmaker also offers a BetPoints Loyalty Program with instant gold status upon opening an account. Customers can contact customer service to find out about the many bonus programs featured at Bookmaker.

Reload Bonus

Bookmaker Reload Bonuses (for crypto depositors)

  • Gold level – 15% Cash
  • Platinum Level -25% Cash
  • Diamond Level – 25% Cash

Bookmaker Reload Bonuses (for other deposit methods)

  • Gold level – 10% Cash
  • Platinum Level -15% Cash
  • Diamond Level – 20% Cash

Special Promotions

  • Cash back points reward program
  • 100% Slots  500 or Casino 250
  • 100% on you Bitcoin Deposits

Loyalty Program

Yes, Bet Point loyalty program
– Points earned on every wager redeemable for free-play bonuses.

Bookmaker Sportsbook Information

Country Restrictions

France, Costa Rica, UK. As of Aug 2019, players from the US state of NJ are also not accepted.

Currencies Accepted

US Dollars, Canadian, Australian, Pounds Sterling, Euro, Danish Krone, Swedish Krona, Norwegian Krone, Venezuelan Bolivars, Panamanian Dollars, Mexican Peso, Gautemala Quetzal, Dominican Pesos, Chilean Pesos, Nicaragua – Cordoba, Peru – Nuevos Soles, Rwanda – Francs, Colombia – Peso, Japan -Yen, Korean Won

Methods of Deposits & Withdrawals

Discover Card$50$2,500
Ether Classic$50$4,500
Bitcoin Cash$10$500,000
Monero (Temporary Disabled)$100$2,500
Omni (Temporary Disabled)$100$2,500
45+ Other Alt Coins$50$4,500
Person-to-Person (WU)$100$500
Person-to-Person (MG)$100$500

What Deposit Methods Does Bookmaker Offer?

If you’re looking to dive right into the action and you don’t want to wait around for the sportsbook to drag its feet approving your deposit then you will find Bookmaker to your liking. There are a variety of ways to deposit with virtually no waiting once you’ve entered your information. That was a refreshing change from some of the other sportsbooks we reviewed and the list of options available to fund customer accounts is plentiful, to say the least. Euro, GBP, US Dollar, CDN Dollar, Swedish Krone, or Norwegian Krone are all welcomed currencies at Bookmaker while Visa, Mastercard, and Amex are accepted in addition to a range of others. The minimum deposit is $100.

However, the most effortless way to move money in and out of your account is by way of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. If you are new to the world of digital currency, Bookmaker has an extremely easy to follow tutorial where you can learn the basics without much time and effort involved. Bitcoin is the most recognizable name but it is hardly the only one and Bookmaker accepts almost 50 different cryptocurrencies. We found that customer service was more than willing to walk us through the process and explained, in layman’s terms, the steps from start to finish. Minimum and maximum deposits vary according to the deposit method but choose the method that’s right for you and the representatives at Bookmaker will be there to answer any and all questions should you have them.

Methods of Withdrawal at Bookmaker

Bitcoin$50$10,000 / $25,000
Person-to-Person (MG)$100$350
Bank Draft$750$3,500
Bank Wire$10,000    $20,000

How Do I Withdraw Money from Bookmaker?

Online sportsbooks are eager to take your money but getting paid is a whole new world with many of them. At Bookmaker you will have no such issues as getting their customers paid is paramount. Withdrawal requests can be made Monday through Friday with one per week using traditional funding methods such as credit cards.

However, if you are using Bitcoin or any other accepted cryptocurrency then you can request one payout per day and the process often takes less than 12 hours from the time of your request until you receive it. Bookmaker prides itself on getting their customers paid which is the reason they are one of the preeminent online sportsbooks in the world.

Does Offer Customer Service Options?

The beauty of is that the rules are clear and unambiguous which might be the standard in other industries but in the world of sports betting, less reputable sites like to keep their rules hidden so that when they change them at a moment’s notice to benefit them, the customer will be none the wiser. This is not the case at Bookmaker as the rules of the game are in its own section of the site so that you are clear what happens, for example, when a baseball game is rained out and you’ve bet a total assuming the game would go a full eight and a half or nine innings.

Yet, despite the clarity of the rules and Bookmaker’s transparent approach, there will be questions and when that happens Bookmaker has a live chat on its site, or a telephone number to call at 1-877-827-3978 or an email contact Support is 24/7 and there are English and Spanish speaking reps to assist at a moments notice. We found the customer service support to be informed and knowledgeable with no delays getting through even during peak betting hours.

Live Chat



English Spanish Chinese

Hours of Operation

Customer service & wagering staff on duty 24 hours, 7 days, 365 days per year.

Most Common Complaint

Loyalty program not available to professional players. For more on the loyalty program click here.

Bookmaker Wagering Information

$5,000 on-line; $20,000 by phone (players may request a higher limit by phone)
The recreational or casual bettor will have no issue with surpassing limits at Bookmaker but there are those with big bankrolls and strong opinions. Bookmaker is the right choice for those who like to fire away as the maximum wager on the major sporting events is $5,000 online, and $20,000 over the phone. Higher limits can be arranged with the approval of Bookmaker’s management. Minimum bets are $1 online or $100 over the telephone.

Overnight Lines

Posted by 6PM EST on most sports


  • If Bets
  • Reverse bets
  • Action points
  • Online Withdrawal

Limit Collars

No, All action welcomed

Bookmaker Teaser Payoffs:

2 Teams NFL-120-130-140
2 Teams NCAA100-110-120
3 Teams+150+135+120
4 Teams+235+215+200
5 Teams+350+320+300
6 Teams+550+500+475
7 Teams+800+700+600
2 Teams-110-120-130
3 Teams+180+160+150
4 Teams+300+250+200
5 Teams+450+400+350
6 Teams+600+550+500
7 Teams+800+700+600

Bookmaker Parlay Payoffs:


Website Information

Software Provider

Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS)

Betting Screens Betting Slip betting slip


San Jose, Costa Rica

Date Established

July 1985

Current License

Licensed by the Government of Costa Rica to accept wagers by telephone or internet.

Physical Address

Bookmaker Sportsbook
Building La Colmena
75m West of Contraloria
2nd, 6th and 7th Floors
Sabana Sur, San Jose
Costa Rica

Phone Numbers

  • Customer Service: 1-877-827-3978
  • Wagering: 1-888-218-4629
  • Casino: 1-877-278-4080


Bookmaker is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, online sportsbook on the planet and it is a haven for recreational and professional sports bettors alike. Despite the fact that Bookmaker is an old and established online sportsbook, that has not precluded it from resting on its laurels and doing things the “old way”. No, in fact, Bookmaker offers its customers a state-of-the-art website that is not only intuitive but informative. We found this site extremely easy to navigate and the betting options, ease of deposit, quick payouts, and betting options qualify Bookmaker as worthy of’s A+ rating.

Why is Bookmaker a Trusted Sports Betting Site?

The reason we review online sportsbooks is to inform and render an honest opinion to those who are interested in exploring outlets with which to wager in the digital era. It is ironic that the same people who go to great lengths to research a new stereo system will do very little due diligence when it comes to depositing their hard-earned money with an online company of which they know very little. Oftentimes bettors, new to the world of sports gambling, will take the word of a friend who has a relationship with an online sportsbook but what they don’t know is, that friend has never requested a payout. Any online sportsbook will be happy to take your money but there are far too many that will not be nearly as anxious to honor a payout request

While it’s one thing to sweat the game, it’s another to sweat the payout. Bookmaker is renowned for, among other things, quick payouts, the hallmark of any elite sportsbook. There is no reason to make a wager with an online sportsbook if have they have no history of paying expediently or, paying at all! Although the novice would assume that getting paid when you win is part of the bargain made with the sportsbook of their choice, in reality, that’s hardly the case. There are reputable and trustworthy books out there but the trick is to find them. That’s why savvy consumers, who want to be educated, do their homework and it is precisely the reason why you’re here right now. Bookmaker is among only a handful of A+ rated sportsbooks in the industry, not only because they pay when a request is made but also because their customer service is staffed with well-trained representatives who are accustomed to assisting in all facets of the business.

Below we will delve into the details of their deposit and withdrawal methods as well as betting limits, betting options, contact methods, and bonuses offered to new and existing customers. But going forward you should know that we have put Bookmaker to the test and were not surprised, based on their reputation, that they passed with flying colors.

Sports Betting Options Available at Bookmaker

If you are new to the world of sports betting then you probably want to bet a few bucks on a game, watch it in the comfort of your living room or tavern, and know that you have a vested interest in the outcome. There is nothing better than seeing your team celebrate a victory on the field of play while you reap the benefits in your wallet. Betting on a team to win is called a straight wager or flat bet and it’s essentially where everyone starts. You will find that every online sportsbook offers those rudimentary wagers but we found that Bookmaker takes it to another level when you are ready to explore more exotic wagers.

For instance, seasoned bettors are often accustomed to betting parlays, action reverses, round robins, teasers, pleasers, and money lines on teams and totals alike. A full complement of those exotics is readily available at Bookmaker but there is even more. Wagering on teams and totals in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, professional soccer, as well as college football, college basketball, and even some lesser known sports are all available at Bookmaker. We tried diligently to find a sport that wasn’t offered at their site but we were unsuccessful. We even saw that E-Sports has a home at Bookmaker if you’re so inclined.

However, betting on teams and totals is not the only option available as there are proposition bets that can be made on players’ individual performances. There is also a seamless and uninterrupted live-betting platform that allows the customer to bet the games in real time as the action is happening. Unlike many other sportsbooks that offer this service, Bookmaker’s live stream feed is seamless and when we tested it, there were no hiccups or freezes. It worked exactly as we wanted it to and never did we see a bet that wasn’t accepted after we made it.

The beauty of the Bookmaker experience is that the site is easy to navigate despite a plethora of options. There is an ever so slight learning curve but the feel of the platform is so intuitive that even the most technologically inept among us were able to easily see the options, and with a click of a mouse, were exactly where they wanted to be and ready to wager. Bookmaker clearly strives to implement the latest technology which makes betting a game as easy as watching it. If you are looking for a seamless and sleek site for a multitude of wagering options then look no further than Bookmaker.

Mobile Betting

No need to sit at your desk in order to bet because Bookmaker has a mobile application that allows customers to get in on the action no matter where they are. It’s easy, convenient, and we found after testing the app on a variety of mobile devices that the platform couldn’t be cleaner. Bookmaker has invested heavily in its mobile presence and the results are outstanding.

Unlike some mobile apps, Bookmaker won’t inundate you with advertisements and flashy promos. It’s utilitarian in the best way possible and allows customers to easily spot their sport of choice and then scroll to the game or games that interest them. No download is necessary and like the website, navigability is virtually effortless.

Casino and Racebook

Bookmaker offers casino games and a racebook for those who like to play the ponies. They currently offer a 100% bonus, up to $500, using the code SLOTS500 for those depositing an accepted cryptocurrency into their slot room and the same for blackjack up to $250 using the code Casino250. There is even a progressive slot, Fruity Fortune, with a jackpot payout that can reach in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We found the slots, and table games like blackjack and roulette, to be your standard variety online game room. There were enough slot options to make it appealing as well. But the big attraction at Bookmaker is the sportsbook while the casino, as well as the racebook, are interesting diversions for most who sign up.

Odds Are You’ll Find It at Bookmaker

If you want to bet on it, Bookmaker has betting odds posted for it. You don’t get the reputation that Bookmaker has by having limited markets or by not offering what the people want. Bookmaker is a line originator for a lot of sporting events. Many sportsbooks wait until Bookmaker posts to find out where they want to put their own numbers.

As a result, Bookmaker usually has one of the largest collections of betting odds. All of the traditional markets like the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, college football, and college basketball are going to be found everywhere, but Bookmaker goes above and beyond with its collection of prop bets on those sports and also a vast array of live betting options with one of the best in-game wagering interfaces in the business.

Bookmaker doesn’t stop with those North American sports, though. European markets are readily available at this sportsbook with international hockey, soccer, wrestling, rugby, darts, martial arts, and so much more.

Based on demand, Bookmaker also became one of the industry leaders in e-sports and video game simulations during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. That was just another sign of how Bookmaker is consistently striving to be the absolute best.

Bet With The Best Online Sportsbook

Bookmaker Sportsbook has been at the top of the list for lots of bettors since it went live online in 1996. The fact that their standing has not changed as the industry has grown, evolved, and developed around them is all that you need to know. It takes a lot to stay at the top and Bookmaker has successfully done that for a long period of time.

Every bettor wants to begin on the right foot. Start with a winner by betting at Bookmaker.