Top 10 Online Sportsbooks For US Players – 2023

Top Ten Sports Betting Sites

Do you buy things without reading the reviews? Before deciding to go to dinner at a new place, do you read what people have had to say? Would you buy or lease a car without asking somebody you know how they like theirs or without test driving it? While you can’t necessarily test drive a online sportsbook, you can ask people about it that would know. People like all of us here at

The entire landscape of gambling can be overwhelming. We’re not even just talking about betting. Every online sportsbook worth its salt has a live casino as well. There are so many things happening and so many decisions to make. You’ve got MLB, NHL, NFL, college football, college basketball, NBA, golf, UFC, tennis, soccer, NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula 1, WNBA, and boxing and that doesn’t even begin to include all of the other smaller markets like rugby, snooker, table tennis, wrestling, CFL, Aussie rules football, and the like.

Then on the casino side, you’ve got all sorts of virtual slot machines and all of the table games like Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, and Poker as a base, but different variations like Spanish 21, blackjack switch, single deck, double deck, shoe games, European Roulette, French Roulette, Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em, Caribbean Stud, 3 Card, Pai Gow, and then even games like Let It Ride, Keno, Video Poker, and so many more.

Odds are different across the board for sports and casino games. It really can be overwhelming because you have so many choices.

The same is true of the catalog of online USA sportsbooks. We want your first decision to be the right one. A sportsbook needs to fit your betting personality and what you hope to achieve. If you like chaos, bright lights, bells and whistles, and tons of betting markets, there are options for you like MyBookie, Xbet, and Nitrogen Sports. If you like a toned-down approach with less distraction and more “meat and potatoes”, you have choices like Bookmaker, Betonline, Bovada, JustBet, and Jazz Sports. Others like USDice, BetNow, and fall somewhere in the middle.

We aren’t just about sportsbook reviews at, but it is our primary focus. We’re also here to help you be a winning bettor with tips, previews, picks, and predictions. We want to be a resource for all things betting for our beloved readers. Our reward is the ability to partner with the sportsbooks to bring you the best current bonus offers and promotions.

So, please, enjoy your stay looking around because we have a lot to offer.

Top 10 Sportsbooks:


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Bookmaker Sportsbook has long been the champion among a sea of challengers. As other online sportsbooks have evolved and grown, Bookmaker has been forced to continue improving itself to hold its mantle as the top online sportsbook. Bookmaker is the place where the line originates and set the standard a long time ago for how a sportsbook should conduct its business. Reputation means everything in the sports betting industry and Bookmaker is at the top of that list.

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For more than 25 years, BetUS Sportsbook has been serving hundreds of thousands of customers. It is a site that has gone through ups and downs, but is now on a major upswing with some very big deposit bonuses, a sharp, clean look, and one of the top live sports betting interfaces in the business. A “smooth, hassle-free online gaming experience” is the promise and BetUS delivers.

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Our focus here at may be on the sports betting side, but the headline-grabber with Jazz Sports is the online casino that advertises a 97% pay back percentage, which is unheard of in the world of internet gambling. The sportsbook is easy-to-read and simple-to-navigate with beginners, novices, and professionals with limited time in mind. A 10% Rebate in the Racebook is also among the best in the industry. The perks are aplenty at Jazz Sports, one of the best online sportsbooks that you probably haven’t heard about until now.

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Becoming an industry leader doesn’t happen overnight. It takes consistency and trustworthiness to be held in high regard in the online sports betting world. It is not a coincidence that Bovada is a highly-respected, world-renowned name when it comes to online gambling. It isn’t just about the sportsbook, the casino, or the industry-leading poker room. It is about the total package and each and every user that signs up for Bovada has access to the total package. That is what makes Bovada such a special brand in this business.

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MyBookie is a soft landing spot for beginning bettors and novices. It is a safe space with a player-forward vision that includes daily and weekly promotions and bonuses to help users feel like they are valued customers. MyBookie offers odds on just about everything you can imagine, but does offset some of the risk by offering lower limits than other online sportsbooks in the industry. Given that the vast majority of bettors don’t have to worry about limit betting, that is a minor criticism that should not overshadow the fact that weekend warriors and weekday wagerers are going to love everything that MyBookie has to offer.

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EveryGame is a straightforward, what you see is what you get sports betting experience from a trusted name with well over 29 years of experience in the business. EveryGame still offers great promotions and bonuses, but does not have an in-your-face marketing campaign to distract users from what is important – safe, simple deposits and withdrawals and odds on all of the major sports leagues and events.

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BetOnline Sportsbook was launched in 1991 and is licensed in Malta. Over two decades, BOL has built a trustworthy relationship with its clients and has committed to offering a top-notch experience for each and every player. With fair sports betting odds and first-to-market lines, BetOnline offers something for everyone on the sportsbook side and offers something for everyone with its casino, poker room, and racebook. This is the total package.

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Xbet offers a bevy of bonuses and a plethora of promotions to each and every user that signs up. That is just one of many positives that this online sportsbook brings to the table. Xbet has an extensive collection of odds, a seemingly endless supply of table games and slot machines, and offers up a sports betting experience that caters to gamblers of all shapes and sizes. Xbet also has one of the top live betting interfaces in the online sportsbook world and lives up to bold statements and lofty promises.

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Nitrogen Sports is the future of sports betting. Launched in 2012, Nitrogen is a Bitcoin-only sportsbook that allows users to sign up with an account or to sign up anonymously to place their bets using the world’s most popular form of cryptocurrency. Nitrogen is a next-level online sportsbook that may not be for all bettors, but those that want privacy, safety, and security are going to find this online sportsbook, casino, and poker room to their liking.

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BetNow literally means bet NOW. This top-rated online sportsbook is all about simplicity. The odds for every sports betting event are easy to find. It is simple to sign up, deposit, and also get your money when you wish to withdraw. The alternating color scheme leaves no margin for error so that you can place your bets on exactly what you want, exactly when you want to place them. The live betting interface is also among the best in the business with that same simple approach carried over to a hectic way of wagering.

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What makes a trusted online US Sportsbook?

Being listed among our the top 10 US sportsbooks list is no small feat. You have to have proven that you will employ a player-first attitude that creates a great user experience. All of these sportsbooks go about it in different ways, but the one primary constant is that they are trustworthy. They are honest. Payouts are processed when you want them and your personal information is kept safe and secure.

Our criteria for a top-rated US sportsbook should encompass all of the same things that you are looking for.

– Are there a lot of betting options? We don’t just mean sports available. We mean the ability to bet props and futures at competitive prices. Does the live betting interface work efficiently and seamlessly? The top-rated United State sportsbooks for us have all of these boxes checked.

– Does the sportsbook live up to its self-proclaimed reputation? The world of betting is filled with hubris. Bettors and sportsbooks alike make a lot of promises and bold statements. Some live up to them. Others do not. If a US sportsbook says that it prides itself on customer service, is that true? If they say that they are the “most trusted betting site in the world”, are they fulfilling that promise?

– Are the betting odds fair? Some sportsbooks take a massive cut by manipulating the odds to increase their theoretical hold percentage. The industry standard is -110 on the vig. Some sportsbooks take liberties with that and all it does is punish the players. You want to get the most bang for your buck at any sportsbook and some don’t allow you to do that because of greed or a low risk profile. Those are places that you want to avoid.

– How limited are the deposit and withdrawal methods? The best online sportsbooks offer the most methods of deposit and withdrawal. All US sportsbooks have a preference towards Bitcoin these days, but not everybody is comfortable using cryptocurrency. Just about every sportsbook takes credit card and does bank transfers, but some use alternative payment processors like Zelle, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, or Cash App.

– On the subject of withdrawals, how quickly are they processed? People request money because they need it or want it. Sportsbooks that are slow or reluctant about paying out are not worth your time. The sportsbooks that we have positively reviewed take care of those requests in a timely manner and that is a large part of our equation.

– The general user experience has to be up to par. Can users from various countries that speak different languages use the site without an issue? Can odds be displayed with the American +/- format, the decimal odds, or the fractional odds? Will customer service representatives be able to assist regardless of the language? Will customer service be available in time zones around the world? These are all important questions to ask.

– Features are important. That doesn’t mean going overboard, but does the site have a casino that includes a Live Dealer feature? Is there a poker room? Is there a Racebook? If one or more of those things are not present, how are they making up for it?

– Security is also paramount. Does the site use SSL encryption or multiple layers of verification? Will my personal information be safe? How about my financial information?

The Users Experience at a Online US Sportsbook

The right sportsbook for you fits your personality and your needs. If you want to log in, place your bet, and go about your day, there are US sportsbooks for that. If you want to treat a sportsbook like a virtual Las Vegas, there are sportsbooks for that, too. It’s like anything else. If you want the equivalent a good basic blazer or a reliable black dress, you can find that. If you want something more than a basic white shirt, pumps with pops of color, and some accessories like a nice watch or some shiny studs, you can find that.

You can also find loud patterns, attention-grabbing hoop earrings, a gold watch, or a lavish pearl necklace, that kind of place is out there, too.

Ultimately, this comparison goes to show that every USA sportsbook covers the basics. Every sportsbook allows you to place bets and then close the tab. They’ll grade them. You’ll win or lose. You’ll be back to do it again. If that’s what you want, the basic sportsbook model is very much out there. There are others that do a lot more.

But, the one thing all of these top-rated online sportsbooks provide is a fun and positive user experience. You’re going to be able to find what you want to bet on and you’re going to be able to find what you want to do in short order. If you want to do more or less, you’ll have that option.

All of these sportsbooks provide something a little bit different. In the end, you determine your own user experience, but they give you everything you need in case you want to utilize it.

You can use our reviews and descriptions to find the right online sports betting site for you.

The Nuts and Bolts of A Top US Sportsbook

Bonuses. Promotions. Sign up. Deposit. Withdrawal. We cover all of the important things you need to know about each and every top-rated sportsbook. The best bonuses are available exclusively through us at Different sportsbooks offer different promotions and reload bonuses once you have an account.

Signing up and depositing are really easy and they are designed to be that way at these us sportsbooks. Some make the process easier than others and those are the ones that have a really high rating from us.

Picking a sportsbook for a US player is a really important decision. In most cases, you’ll want to have at least two or three sportsbooks so that you can shop around for the best odds on what you want to bet. Maybe it would be in your best interest to have two very different online sports betting sites. Maybe you like what you like and want two that are similar. Whatever you want, you’ll find it here and you’ll be able to read up on the sign-up, deposit, and withdrawal procedures before you do.

Mobile US Sportsbook Betting

In the age of smartphones, more people are using their phones to surf the web or place bets than ever before. The best sports betting sites are going to have mobile-friendly pages and interfaces so that you can bet while on the go or without having to get up to fetch your laptop.

It is really important to ensure that the sportsbook you select has a user-friendly approach to mobile betting. That is something that you absolutely want to factor into the equation, especially when it comes to live betting.

Online Sportsbook Reputation

What are the best online sports betting sites? The answer to that question lies in each one of us that enjoys putting down a bet or two. We all have our own opinions as to which online sportsbook is the best based on our needs and wants. What matters to you may not matter to me.

But that’s the easy answer, right? That’s not what you’re here for. You want a recommendation. You want us to tell you which sportsbooks we prefer because we’ve been in the industry for a long time and we’ve pretty much seen it all. It’s almost like going to a new city and having a tour guide. We know the places to go, the areas to avoid, and the hidden gems that only something with an intimate knowledge of the place would have.

We have an intimate knowledge of the sports betting business because we’ve been looking at these places for a long time. We’ve seen the industry grow and evolve. We’ve seen new top-rated online sportsbooks emerge and become what they envisioned. We’ve seen newcomers falter and fizzle out. We’ve also seen a lot of sportsbooks just provide a solid and steady betting experience for a long period of time.

Something that filters into the discussion of the best online sports betting sites is regulation. How are sports betting sites being regulated? The fact of the matter is that the online sports betting sites regulate themselves through a system of checks and balances within the industry. It is a highly competitive landscape and online sportsbooks that aren’t doing what they should or are taking advantage of customers are going to lose business.

Online sportsbooks are registered and licensed outside of the United States, so they are not subject to any oversight or regulation from the US. That is something that does worry US players, but when you look at the online sports betting industry has thrived, it isn’t that big of a concern. The sportsbooks police themselves because they have to and you hear very few horror stories from bettors relative to the volume of players that live in the US and sign up.

With that in mind, what are the best online sports betting sites based on our reviews and evaluations? Your view may vary, but here are the ones that we put up at the top:

Bookmaker – The most trusted name in online sports betting is Bookmaker. For more than 20 years, Bookmaker has been viewed as the gold standard in the industry. Known for being The Place The Line Originates, Bookmaker has taken on big money players, weekend warriors, and everybody in between and has treated all of them with the same level of respect and dignity.

Arguably the most impressive thing about Bookmaker is that it has maintained its spot at or near the top in the minds of virtually every bettor in the face of an ever-changing, constantly-adapting industry. Things were a lot different in 1997 when Bookmaker launched, but evolving with the times has allowed this top-rated sportsbook to remain a trailblazer and a hub for big action into the 2020s.

You have to respect that level of dedication, commitment, and stability. We do. A lot of people do. That’s why Bookmaker is one of the best online sportsbooks.

Bovada – The question here is “best sports betting site” and there is a difference. Some online sportsbooks are great, but they have limited offerings otherwise. Not Bovada. Along with being the most popular online sportsbook for US players, Bovada also has one of the top live casinos and most likely the best poker room among the sports betting sites.

In a lot of respects, Bovada delivers on its promise to provide a Las Vegas-style betting experience. Bovada doesn’t take quite as much big-money action as Bookmaker, but this is going to be a perfect place for 99% of prospective bettors and gamblers.

This is a site that came from BoDog and basically took that reputation and that customer base and ran with it to remain at the top of its game since the transition in 2011.

MyBookie – You have to give MyBookie a lot of credit. To step into a crowded and established industry in 2014 and be listed among the best sportsbooks in just a few short years is an incredible achievement. Having a vision and executing it takes a lot of planning and a lot of smart people in charge and MyBookie has been able to crack the code is a much shorter period of time than most sports betting sites.

MyBookie is the best sports betting site for recurring promotions and deposit bonuses, which is a big draw. If you do go broke or need to add money to your account for whatever reason, MyBookie offers daily and weekly promotions. They make it easy for you to stick around and that pull is what has them on track to possibly be the most-trafficked sportsbook for US players within the next five years.

You definitely deserve to be mentioned among the best online sports betting sites when you can accomplish what MyBookie has done in just a handful of years of existence.

Be sure to read more on all three of these online sportsbooks with our official reviews and also take advantage of the exclusive deposit sign-up bonuses here at

In Conclusion

Trust us here at because we’re only going to promote and positively review the US sportsbooks that we trust. We have a lot of collective experience in the world of online betting. We know what we want. We know the mistakes that we’ve made in the past when choosing a sportsbook, casino, and poker room. We don’t make those mistakes anymore.

Stick with us and you will be able to make decisions that you are happy with about where to bet. And you’ll enjoy some great bonus offers in the process.

Read through our reviews for our top-rated US sportsbooks List and then sign up. The one you choose will be the first winning bet you make.