Dalvin Cook

Will Dalvin Cook Continue To Be a Touchdown Machine This Season?

NFL teams are often hesitant to give running backs big-money contract extensions, and with good reason. There have been too many times when a team decides to pay a guy, and then his production becomes pedestrian—and certainly not worth...
Pittsburgh Steelers

How Many Regular Season Wins Will The Pittsburgh Steelers Have This Year?

Prior to the start of the season, fans had high hopes for their Pittsburgh Steelers.  With how the defense looked last season and Ben Roethlisberger coming back, it was not hard to picture them making it to the AFC...
Drew Brees vs. Tom Brady

NFL Betting Odds: Drew Brees vs. Tom Brady

Their matchup in Week One was the most-watched game of the week, and it will likely be the most-watched game in Week Nine as well. But it will not be for the same reasons, this time. In Week One,...
College Football Playoffs

Odds On Who Will Make The College Football Playoffs in 2020-2021

There will always be some debate over whether a worthy fifth or sixth team is left out of the college football playoffs conversation. Questions always seem to arise over who is worthy of a shot and who should be...
ny jets

Odds On Who Will Be The Quarterback For The New York Jets Next Season

New York Jets Fans were excited when the team took Sam Darnold with the No. 3 pick in the 2018 NFL draft. He had shown a lot of promise during his time at USC. Maybe he could develop into...
Mike McCarthy

Will Mike McCarthy Still Be The Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys Come Draft...

When the Dallas Cowboys got rid of Jason Garrett last season, fans thought the misery was over. They thought their team would finally hire the kind of coach it needed, someone that could restore the team to its former...
nfl most losses odds

Odds On Any NFL Team Going 16-0 or 19-0 This Season?

With the many things that can go wrong during the season, the chances an NFL team remains perfect throughout the regular season and/or playoffs are high—or at least should be. Only two teams have ever finished a regular season...
Baker Mayfield-Ben Roethlisberger

Who Wins The Baker Mayfield-Ben Roethlisberger Showdown?

Prior to the 2019 NFL season, the world was ready to get behind Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns. But in true ‘Factory of Sadness’ fashion, Mayfield and the Browns struggled and disappointed the fans once again. Fast forward...

Odds On Which NFL Head Coach Will Be Fired Next

It is not unusual for head coaches to get fired during the season. It does not happen often, but it has occurred from time to time—usually towards the end of the year. But this season, it has not happened...
Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers

Who Will Have More Touchdown Passes In Week Six, Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers?

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Both are former MVPs, touchdown leaders, and Super Bowl winners. Each is off to a good start this season; Rodgers has 13 touchdown passes and...
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