NFL Sportsbook – Best NFL Online Betting Site

Not all sportsbooks are created equal. Much like any other business, they have strengths and weaknesses. They have things that they do well and things that they don’t do well. When it comes to finding the top online sportsbooks, you have to keep in mind what areas of strength you want to prioritize.

Some sportsbooks are great for bonuses or have excellent online casinos or poker rooms. Some sportsbooks cater really nicely to basketball bettors. Some sportsbooks are great for international markets, like soccer, golf, and tennis.

But, when you think about what matters most to you, the most common answer will be the NFL. The NFL is the most popular sport for North American bettors bar none and is really only passed globally by soccer. The sportsbooks that are able to offer the most betting options, the fairest lines, and the best NFL contests and bonuses.

A lot of sportsbooks try and many will make a really big effort when it comes to the NFL. Some just stand out above the crowd. We’ll look at three of them here that we feel are the best sportsbooks for NFL betting.

Bookmaker – When you think about trust and reputation with the best online sportsbooks, you think about Bookmaker. The Place Where the Line Originates has long been an honest, transparent, innovative, and renowned sportsbook. Bookmaker has taken some of the highest limits in the online sports betting world and takes some very big wagers on the NFL.

If it’s good enough for big bettors with deep pockets, it should be good enough for everybody from the weekend warriors to the hardcore gamblers. Sportsbooks from around the world look to Bookmaker for guidance. They always have and continue to do so, even with all of the advances in the industry.

Another thing that makes Bookmaker one of the best sportsbooks us players for NFL betting is that it is easy to get your money in and get your money out. Few sportsbooks come close to Bookmaker when it comes to fast, safe, secure deposits and virtually nobody can match their payout processing times. Bookmaker also takes a variety of different deposit methods and will also process withdrawals in a variety of different ways.

They are also one of the best teaser sportsbooks for the NFL. Teaser betting is most popular in the NFL and their player-friendy teaser structure has always drawn rave reviews. With everything that has changed in the betting business, Bookmaker remains the king of the jungle with the NFL.

MyBookie – In the world of online sportsbooks, an operator like MyBookie should still be in its infant stage. There are lots of sportsbooks that have been around a lot longer, but the time it has taken MyBookie to carve out a big piece of the pie in a highly competitive is a testament to how strong of an operation they have.

Think about it. There are dozens of sportsbooks out there. Dozens of places that have built up a reputation over the years and have done so by catering to a lot of NFL-crazed clients. Yet, here we are, singing the praises of MyBookie and the way that they take care of NFL betting enthusiasts.

MyBookie’s look and layout are really nice. They also run a ton of contests and promotions over the course of all seasons, but they pay special attention to contests, promotions, reload offers, and handicapping pools for the NFL season.

If Bookmaker is the old guard, maybe we could call what MyBookie does the “new-school approach”. It is a sportsbook that from its very appearance appears tuned to a younger bettor. Maybe a more aggressive bettor. Maybe a lower-limit type of bettor, but you wouldn’t know it from the way that they treat each and every customer. You wouldn’t know it from how everybody gets treated like a VIP.

Alternate spreads and tons of prop betting options are highlights of the NFL betting catalog at MyBookie. There are a lot of reasons to give this sportsbook a try. It may be one of the newest kids on the block, but it already has one of the biggest followings among NFL bettors.

MyBookie is also very competitive in terms of deposit and withdrawal methods. They process everything in an extremely timely manner and will also offer special promotions and bonuses based on different methods of deposit.

BetOnline – BetOnline has really taken up the mantle as an innovator and an originator among online sportsbooks and certainly deserves strong consideration as one of the best NFL sportsbooks. BetOnline is one of the first to post lines week in and week out and has placed a large emphasis on attracting early action that helps to shape the market.

You have to appreciate and respect a sportsbook like that. BetOnline is out there taking on some risk in order to set itself above the others. They also post a lot of alternate spreads and take a lot of teaser action with their really fair and reasonable odds and their customer-friendly payouts.

Another feature of BetOnline is the ability to create your own player props. The player props market has gotten increasingly popular because a lot of full-game lines seem to be sharper and sharper on a regular basis. A lot of professionals don’t dabble too much into the prop markets because they often have low limits, but BetOnline’s create-your-own player props section is an outstanding option for lower-risk bettors and those that don’t mind spending time looking for edges in lower-limit markets.

BetOnline also offers some of the best deposit bonuses in the business if you use Bitcoin and/or other forms of cryptocurrency. That is a really strong feature of what they have to offer as well.

The fact of the matter is that you can’t go wrong with these places for betting on the NFL. These are the best NFL sportsbooks out there and each one of them has something unique and special to offer to each and every customer.