Best NHL Sportsbook & NHL Betting Sites November, 2023

The National Hockey League is the world’s most famous ice hockey league for wagering purposes. You’ll enjoy finding multiple wagering choices for every game throughout the season.

These games have many betting choices, thanks to how interested people are in wagering on matches. You’ll find the world’s best ice hockey players competing in the NHL from October to June every year.

You’ve got many offshore NHL sportsbook and betting sites to choose from when looking to place your bets on the latest matches. But what should you look for when finding such a place? This guide will provide details on what you can expect out of sportsbooks and what you should find the most when looking for a place for your wagers.

What Are the Top NHL Sportsbook and Betting Sites?

Here are a few of the best offshore NHL sportsbook and betting sites to explore:

  1. MyBookie

MyBookie provides a clean interface that helps you find the latest NHL odds. The site also features a search bar to help you find your favorite teams. MyBookie also includes multiple live wagering options for each game.

You’ll enjoy a 100% welcome bonus on the MyBookie website. Use the promo code MYB100 to get a bonus of up to $1,000 on your first deposit. A 10x rollover rule applies to the bonus. You can also get a 25% reload bonus of up to $500 with a 5x rollover for that deposit with the promo code MYB25.

2. BookMaker

BookMaker is a simple website that gives you the best live wagering choices for every match. You can find many special wagers and futures bets on the website.

BookMaker provides a 15% sports bonus of up to $600 on your first deposit with a 5x rollover rule. You can also refer a friend to the website and collect a bonus of up to $500 if that person makes a deposit through your referral link.

3. is another attractive website that provides interesting things of note. You’ll find a thorough listing of NHL bets, including many props for each game. The NHL section is a small portion of a more complete website, which also offers a racebook and esports betting section.

The 50% welcome bonus with the promo code BOL1000 provides a bonus of up to $1,000 with a 10x rollover rule.

There’s also a 25% reload bonus for up to $250 on your next deposit with the promo code LIFEBONUS. The reward has a 6x rollover rule, and you only need to deposit $50 to utilize this offer.

4. Jazz Sports

You can also see Jazz Sports as another attractive choice. You can use a 50% welcome bonus of up to $1,000 with a 12x rollover when you complete your first deposit.

You can also enjoy a 10% bonus with a 3x rollover on a second deposit or beyond. The bonus also provides up to $1,000 in funds.

You’ll also get a 20% free play rebate when you use the 10% bonus. The rebate is calculated based on how much you spend on wagers during a calendar month. You must deposit at least $100 during that time to enjoy this reward. The rebate value also features a 3x rollover rule.

Why Do People Find the NHL Interesting For Wagering?

There are many ice hockey leagues worldwide, but the NHL is the greatest because it brings the world’s best hockey players together to complete for the Stanley Cup. There are many good reasons why people will want to wager on NHL games:

  1. More Talent

The top reason the NHL is prominent is that it has more talent than other ice hockey leagues. You’ll find great players from many corners of the world competing in the NHL.

Many athletes will head out to North America to play in the NHL. Of the nearly thousand people who played in the NHL in the 2019-20 season, about a third of them are from outside the United States or Canada. These include players from Sweden, Russia, Finland, the Czech Republic, and many other places. You’ll even find players from Austria, the Netherlands, and Australia in the NHL.

  1. A Faster Game

NHL games are faster than what you might find in Russia’s KHL or other leagues around the world. Part of this is from the smaller rink in the NHL. An NHL team uses a rink that is 26×60 meters in size. European leagues use a 30×60-meter rink, although the rink is 28×60 meters in Finland. The small rank provides less room, thus making the game closer and faster.

  1. More Scoring

An NHL game will see about five or six goals on average. This is compared with a KHL game where the teams will combine for four goals in a game. Part of this is because the NHL players pull off more quality shots on average, giving them better chances to score. The goaltenders in the NHL will have more of a challenge, but they can easily stand out if they can keep from giving up more than three goals in a game.

  1. An Unpredictable Game

There’s no telling what might happen in an NHL game. The general parity of the NHL makes it an exciting league for wagering, especially when a game reaches overtime. The 3-on-3 five-minute overtime period makes for an exciting experience. Don’t forget about the shootout period that can start if the game is in a tie after those five minutes.

You can’t forget about how power plays can make a difference. A 5-on-4 advantage might last two minutes, but it can make the most substantial impact on an NHL game depending on what happens.

The NHL is one of the world’s most thrilling sports leagues. Whether you see it on television or attend a game in person, you’ll find more than enough excitement in the NHL.

It’s no wonder why so many people love placing bets on NHL games. Best of all, you’ll find many sportsbooks that offer wagering action for all these matches.

Make Sure You Find a Safe Place For Wagering

You’ll discover various top-quality NHL sportsbook and betting sites throughout the online world. But not every sportsbook is safe for use.

Any sportsbook you wish to utilize should provide enough security for your funds. A sportsbook must use proper SSL encryption to prevent your data from being lost during a transaction. Proper encryption ensures your financial data will be safe and cannot be collected by outside parties.

The payment methods the sportsbook uses should also be simple and easy to follow. Most sportsbooks will accept credit and debit cards, while others can handle online banking services. But whatever the case, the sportsbook should be direct when explaining what you can get from these banking methods. These include deposit and withdrawal efforts alike.

A sportsbook also needs a license from an appropriate governmental entity. Check the bottom of the website for whatever sportsbook interests you the most, and you’ll find details on its license. The license may come from Gibraltar, Curacao, Malta, or another place that can certify an online gambling website. A sportsbook needs a license to confirm it is secure and that it provides fair wagering opportunities.

What Bets Can You Choose?

What are you looking for when placing a bet? You might assume most games will entail picking the outright winner, what with the scoring not being as prevalent as what you’d find in the NBA or NFL. But you’ve got many other betting choices to consider for every NHL game.

Check out the different wagering choices you’ll find through an online sportsbook. You can bet on more than the moneyline, but also on an over/under total or a spread. Most games have a -1.5 spread, while you’ll find a 5.5 over/under on most matches. But sportsbooks can use various methods for dictating what spreads and over/unders work for each game. You can review each sportsbook to find who has the most appealing wagering choices.

Sportsbooks will also provide prop bets for teams and players, alternate line bets, and first-period wagering. These are useful if you want to focus on specific parts of a game, or you have more info on how a game plays.

Don’t forget about live wagering. You can find live betting options on sportsbooks that let you bet on things like who will score next, how many shots on goal a team will get in a period, and other factors. The choices will vary on how much time has elapsed in a game.

Is Three-Way Betting Available?

You may find a three-way betting system through some sportsbooks. A three-way moneyline will let you place a bet on one of three outcomes:

  1. The home team to win in regulation
  2. The road team to win in regulation
  3. The game to be tied after regulation, resulting in an overtime and a possible shootout

The odds for a three-way moneyline bet may be better than what you’d find on a traditional moneyline wager. A favorite with a -190 line might have a -130 value to win in regulation, for example.

A sportsbook that offers a three-way moneyline bet is always worth exploring. You could earn more from a successful wager than what you’d get from a traditional moneyline wager.

How Does the Website Work?

You won’t place your NHL bets if you’re on a sportsbook that doesn’t provide the best possible interface. Check on a few things surrounding any NHL sportsbook or betting site you wish to utilize:

  • Is it easy to find the latest NHL games? The website should provide the newest listings first.
  • How can you find different wagering choices on a sportsbook? A website should have sections for everything from specific games to futures wagers.
  • A sportsbook needs a section for each game where you can see what props are available.
  • A search bar can help you find specific wagering options for whatever team you’re interested in the most.
  • The website should also be easy to access on a mobile browser. Most sportsbooks don’t have dedicated apps, so having a quality mobile website is a necessity.
  • The sportsbooks that do have mobile apps should make them easy to install and use.

How Does a Bonus Work?

You’ll find many bonuses through NHL sportsbook and betting sites. These sportsbooks will provide rewards like these:

  • A welcome bonus that matches your first deposit
  • A reload bonus that matches a portion of a second or third deposit
  • Cryptocurrency bonuses for deposits made with Bitcoin and other accepted cryptocurrencies
  • Free bets; you can earn a bonus on whatever you spend on your bet if it is unsuccessful
  • Referral bonuses for when you refer someone to a website and that person completes a deposit

A bonus can provide free money you can use for all your wagers. But there will also be terms surrounding how you can use those funds. Some of these terms include:

  • How much you can earn from a single bonus
  • How much you have to deposit before you can collect a bonus
  • What payment methods the bonus supports
  • How many times you have to play through the bonus funds before withdrawing anything; this is the rollover value
  • Whether the bonus is only valid for specific bets
  • Any promo codes necessary for redeeming one of these bonuses
  • How long the promo lasts for; sometimes the money you earn might expire if you don’t use your bonus funds soon enough

A sportsbook should include details on what you’ll find for betting purposes. You can check these points on the same page that highlights these bonuses.


Finding NHL sportsbook and betting sites doesn’t have to be a challenge if you know what to find. Be certain when finding offshore websites that you explore places that are more interesting and useful. You’ll find many ideal options for whatever interests you the most, especially when you’re trying to find something different from the rest.