Which Online Sportsbooks Payout The Fastest?

Which online sportsbook pays the fastest? When you request a withdrawal, it means that you want your money. The best online sportsbooks know that time of the essence because processing periods for withdrawals are one of the litmus tests for the legitimacy of their sites. There is no way around it and most of them are self-aware enough to know that.

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As a result, some sportsbooks really do prioritize paying out their customers quickly and safely. When it comes down to it, those online sportsbooks know that you probably won’t be gone for good if you are emptying out your account and how they handle your withdrawal request can leave a lasting impression.

If you aren’t emptying your account completely, that is the last thing that they want to see, so they are going to be sure to go to great lengths to ensure that you get your funds as swiftly as possible. In other words, the sportsbooks have a lot of incentive to make sure that their customers are treated fairly and that promises regarding withdrawals are kept.

When you look at the majority of the complaints in the online sports betting world, they’re going to be about payouts. They’re going to be about long wait times or frustrations with the process, like having to talk to chat support multiple times over to get everything in order. Present-day society leaves little room for patience and the sports betting does not adhere to the “all PR is good PR” expression. Bad PR is very, very bad PR in that business. Sportsbooks know that. Some just believe it more than others.

We’ve rated and ranked a lot of sportsbooks at our fine website in hopes of giving you the information that you need to make the smartest decision possible on where to sign up. When we get asked which online sportsbook pays the fastest, there are three that stand at the head of the class.

Bookmaker SportsbookThe gold standard of online sports betting has always been Bookmaker. The place the line originates doesn’t just have its reputation for being innovative and first to market. It has also been a world-class operation when it comes to handling transactions.

We’ve talked about it in other articles, but sportsbooks that are willing to take on big money players like Bookmaker are good ways to know what to look for in an online sportsbook before signing up. They are willing to take on big players because they have enough of a supply to consider it. Bettors moving big sums of money wouldn’t do it at that shop if they didn’t trust that their withdrawal requests would be handled quickly and in a pain-free manner.

Bookmaker says that most withdrawal requests will be processed in 24 hours or less, but some may take up to three business days. The ones that take three business days are going to be those that require extra verification, like a first withdrawal request or a very large sum of money.

Once the withdrawal is processed, payout times are as follows:

Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency: Same Day

Paper Check: Within 48 hours

Person-to-Person: 24-72 hours

Bank Wire: 3-5 business days

A paper check within 48 hours is a monumental accomplishment in this business and that is why Bookmaker is listed as our #1 online sportsbook for fast withdrawals.

MyBookie SportsbookWe all remember the iconic dialogue in the Russian and Turkish bath house in Rounders between Mike McD and Joey Knish. Knish, played by John Turturro, says to Mike, “I was giving you a living, Mike, showing you the playbook I put together off my own beats.”

When MyBookie launched in 2014, the site came together based off of the playbook of beats from established and failed online sportsbooks. The creators were able to survey everything that worked and everything that didn’t and then put together a product of their own that they (correctly) felt was solid, sound, safe, and secure.

You can tell from the way that they speak on the subject that MyBookie found that a lot of other sportsbooks failed or came up short when it came to withdrawals.

Unlike a lot of sites, MyBookie takes withdrawal requests seven days a week. They process most withdrawal requests in less than 48 hours. They realize that the mark of a top-rated sportsbook is to get customers their funds when they want them and when they need them.

Once a withdrawal is processed, here are the timeframes for receiving the funds:

Bitcoin: 2 business days

E-check: 7-10 business days

Bank Wire: 5-7 business days

Credit Card: 5-10 business days

We’re also giving MyBookie a little bit of the benefit of the doubt here because their withdrawal fees are among the lowest in the industry, so an extra day or two isn’t that big of a deal when you consider that you are giving up less for the cost of doing business.

BovadaIf Bovada had more withdrawal options, they just might be at the top of the list. This is a top-notch operation all the way around, from a ton of sports betting odds, props, futures, and markets, to the best poker room in the business, and everything in between.

Bovada officially launched in 2011, but spawned from BoDog, who was handling some of the largest and most frequent withdrawal requests during their heyday. In other words, Bovada has always had a player-first mindset in its proverbial blood. This is truly a hub for all things gaming and a place that understands how to take care of the customer.

It is also amazing to look at Bovada’s turnaround times on withdrawals when you consider that they are the most-trafficked online sportsbook in the US, so they are dealing with lots of requests and have lots of money coming in and going out every single day.

Bovada also has no fees on withdrawals, almost as a courtesy to players for not having a lot of withdrawal options. The only exception is that only your first check by mail withdrawal in a 90-day period is free. If you withdraw more than once via check in 90 days, each additional withdrawal will cost a $100 processing fee.

Bovada reviews withdraw requests within 24-48 hours on a first-come, first-served basis.

Once processed, here are the wait times:

Bitcoin: Approximately 15 minutes

Check by Courier: 10-15 business days

Voucher: 24-48 hours

If Bovada had more options, they may get a higher ranking than third for us among top online sportsbooks, but their Bitcoin turnaround time and processing times are great by industry standards.