Best Bitcoin Sportsbook | BTC Sportsbooks & Sports Betting Sites 2024

Bitcoin is the preferred method of deposit and withdrawal for both the online sportsbooks and the sports bettors these days. Cryptocurrency is so easy to use and there are all kinds of sites that you can set up a wallet with so that you can have simple, pain-free deposits and withdrawals. Most of the Best Bitcoin sportsbooks will even cover Bitcoin fees if you deposit or withdraw with that form of currency.

Bitcoin Sportsbook Bonuses

Most sports betting sites accept various forms of cryptocurrency, but Bitcoin remains that king in that world. There are even some Bitcoin sportsbooks out there that only take Bitcoin for wagers. Bitcoin, usually abbreviated BTC, is a virtual currency that protects both the sender and the receiver and that level of safety and security is extremely popular with account holders, who no longer have to send sensitive financial information like credit card numbers or bank account numbers. BTC takes all of the worry away.

It is safer than ever before to bet on sports with online sportsbooks because of the ability to use Bitcoin. Because most bitcoin sportsbooks that accept bitcoin also prefer that method, they usually offer sweeter deposit bonuses or higher reload bonuses when you use BTC.

With that in mind, here are the best sports betting sites for Bitcoin:

What Is The Best Bitcoin Sportsbook?

When it comes to anything betting related online, you start with Bookmaker Sportsbook. Bookmaker bar none is the best online sportsbook around. Bookmaker has been online for over 25 years, its where the line originates. Its a must have for a online betting account!

However, a sports bettor shouldn’t stop with Bookmaker, there are a handful of other safe online bitcoin sportsbook worth betting at and taking advantage of their bitcoin bonuses:

Bitcoin SportsbookBTC Deposit PromoClaim Bonus
1. BetDSI125% Up To $2500Claim
2. Bookmaker100% Up To $500 CASH!Claim
3. BetUS 200% (150% Sportsbook & 50% Casino Free Play)Claim
4. NitroBettingOnly Book You Bet With BTC No Conversion to USDClaim
5. BetOnline 100% Up to $1000 Claim
6. MyBookieDouble Your Deposit 100% Up To $1000Claim
7. BetAnySports55% Deposit Bonus Up To $1000Claim

How Do You Deposit at a Bitcoin Sportsbook?

Depositing BTC is very simple. Here are some quick and easy steps:

  1. Open an account at your preferred Bitcoin Sportsbook
  2. Click On Cashier -> Deposit
  3. Choose your Crypto of choice – For example Bitcoin
  4. Enter The Amount in USD
  5. The bookmaker will provide you with a unique Bitcoin address to send to.
  6. Wait for Bitcoin Network confirmation (usually 1 confirmation)
  7. Start betting!

Bitcoin Sportsbook Reviews

Reviews of our top 5 Bitcoin Sportsbooks:

1. BetDSI Sportsbook

BetDSI has developed a reputation as being one of the best-paying online sportsbooks that place a premium on delivering a high level of service to all of its players. It doesn’t matter if you’re a very demanding player, or a player who wants no-nonsense high-limit betting opportunities- BetDSI endeavors to be the #1 online gambling choice for you.

This bitcoin sports betting site offers a range of promotional opportunities and great customer service. From players who want it all such as office pools, poker rooms, casino, horse betting and skill-based games, to bigger players who want to play at a high-limit, BetDSI Sportsbook delivers the goods by being flexible, user-friendly, accommodating, and responsive, with a wide variety of games. BetDSI’s loyalty program rewards active members with incentives like huge deposit bonuses, free plays, cash back, wagering benefits, and free payouts.

This online sportsbook site manages to stand out by paying attention to the details and other little things that show players that the kind of service they provide can’t be found anywhere else. DSI boasts about its immediate wager grading and 24/7 LiveChat service.

Whether it’s placing bets on NFL games or some obscure table tennis match on the other side of the globe, DSI will be there to help out. BetDSI Sportsbook is a non-stop top-five online sportsbook according to veteran players who responded to the annual Forum polls.

2. Bookmaker Sportsbook

BookMaker easily ranks among our top-5 bitcoin sportsbooks. It is a unique online sportsbook, and while many find their favorites above- gamblers who like BookMaker– really like BookMaker! Here’s why bettors like it so much: They have a terrific reputation. Just do a Google search and you’ll find that they are very well-reviewed by their customers. And, chances are, any negative reviews you might find are probably several years old. Bookmaker is friendly to professional online gamblers. They don’t limit their accounts for winning, which is nice. They also offer players high limits. It’s not unusual for sportsbooks to impose 5-figure limits- but not BookMaker.

If you can think of another online sports betting site that’s US-friendly, meets all of the above criteria- and pays customers in a timely fashion, we’d like to hear from you- because we don’t know of any. That said, Bookmaker isn’t perfect. A couple of issues came up during our experience of their site that would prevent some players from joining their service. These were essentially site flow issues that are unusual- and might make easily frustrated users lose interest. But on the whole, they’re fantastic and deserve the number one spot on our list.

3. Bet Us Sportsbook

The evolution of BetUS was a little bit slow, which was why they fell by the wayside in the 2010s to other competitors that utilized in-your-face marketing and lots of bells and whistles in order to entice new players. Things have changed and have changed for the better at BetUS.

One of the reasons why BetUS is a top Bitcoin sportsbook is that they process free cryptocurrency payouts 24/7. Another is that they offer a spectacular sign-up bonus with up to $7500 for the sportsbook and up to $2500 for the casino with a really low rollover by industry standards.

It is clear to us, and we’ve been around since the heyday of BetUS, that they have turned over a new leaf. They want your business because they once again have a product that they can be proud of and they are willing to stake their reputation on it by going all in with crypto bonuses.

Even if you don’t have a Bitcoin wallet or don’t know how to operate one, BetUS has helpful step-by-step instructions to point you in the right direction. This will be a top-rated bitcoin sportsbook overall again in due time across the board, but it already is as far as Bitcoin is concerned.

4. BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline Sportsbook has really prioritized the use of Bitcoin to deposit. They offer potentially lucrative sign-up and deposit bonuses for those that use Bitcoin. They also have one of the best reload bonuses for BTC deposits in the industry. BetOnline also offers a very helpful Bitcoin 101 guide to help you with step-by-step instructions for making a BTC deposit.

According to BetOnline, 87% of their customers use Bitcoin. BetOnline boasts no deposit fees and extremely fast Bitcoin payouts. Transactions are completed within minutes. They also have a 100% first deposit bonus when you use Bitcoin and a 35% Reload Bonus when you use Bitcoin.

5. MyBookie is one of the finest staffed sports betting sites in the world TODAY, simple as that. This Costa Rican-based operation takes special pride in its excellence, as demonstrated by its worthy Customer Service Department, where the best practices in customer/bookie interaction are enforced continuously, for the delight of many-an unsuspecting new clients.

They are staffed with a team of online sports betting professionals and enthusiasts to ensure that at MyBookie you get reliable sports betting, casino, and horse-racing action. They strive to be a superior alternative for all the most serious and meticulous bettors. The most important defining elements they use to set themselves apart are superior rendering, supported by high-quality features and platforms, their top-notch customer service, excellent promotions, hassle-free deposits and payouts on their measurably state-of-the-art website.

MyBookie claims they are the final word in trustworthy gambling entertainment and that they pay out in a timely fashion. It’s true and they have earned a big, loyal following and a terrific reputation!

Other Great Online Bitcoin Sportsbooks


BetAnySports is becoming a really big name in the online sportsbook world and a variety of different deposit methods is a key feature. Bitcoin is the preferred method for both bettors and also sportsbooks and that is why you can get a special deposit and reload bonuses at BetAnySports when you use BTC to fund your account. BAS has all of the sports betting markets you could want and is a great place to bet futures. Futures can be long-term investments like Bitcoin that can pay off handsomely down the line, but you’ll get a handsome bonus immediately when you use BTC to get started.

BetAnySports offers more ways to bet and more ways to win.  And now, more ways to cash out. BetAnySports offers free payouts and deposits using Bitcoin. The versatile cryptocurrency is the best way to fund your gambling account and the best way to get a quick and easy payout and BAS is one of the fastest in the industry when it comes to processing those transactions.  With dynamic lines and odds, tons of betting options, a live casino, a virtual poker room, and a Racebook, BetAnySports has it all!


JazzSports has everything that you could want and that includes a boosted Bitcoin bonus when you deposit using that form of cryptocurrency. Jazz is the kind of sportsbook that wants to make things as easy for its customers as possible, so there is an extensive “How To” guide for depositing with Bitcoin that lists all the steps in a simple, straightforward kind of way.

This top-rated online sportsbook makes each and every user feel important and you just know that you’re going to have a great experience.


Bovada Sportsbook became one of the premier sportsbooks for United States sports betting players within days of its open. Bovada is your one-stop destination for online gambling, with a sportsbook, online casino, online poker, and racebook. A top-rated btc sportsbook with lightening fast bitcoin deposits, They have all of the popular American sports as well as an enormous menu of international sports.

Bovada Sportsbook prides itself on bringing a Las Vegas-style experience to each and every one of its customers, but you’re not going to places in Sin City that accept Bitcoin. And you certainly won’t find an enhanced deposit bonus if you do. That is what Bovada provides to any users that deposit with cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, specifically. You’ll get a boosted bonus for the sportsbook and also the casino and also the peace of mind, safety, and security of making a Bitcoin deposit.


From big Bitcoin bonuses to reduced juice odds to seven different casinos, Lucky99 and the ‘Player First’ approach will make you fall in love the first time you lay eyes on this beautiful online gaming site. A Racebook with great rebates and a Lottery client are just extra perks to add to the long list of reasons to sign up with Lucky99. A top-rated sportsbook and a 3D Casino help this website stand above the competition. You’ll feel lucky that you found Lucky99 from the moment you get started.

What Makes A Good Bitcoin Sportsbook?

The best sportsbooks are often the best Bitcoin sportsbooks. That may seem like a cop-out of an answer, but it isn’t. Bitcoin Sportsbooks that have adapted and matured to welcome cryptocurrency are the right types of sportsbooks because you know that they have the customers’ interests in mind and are willing to make the necessary changes to keep up with the times.

Several of the best bitcoin sportsbooks and betting sites that accept Bitcoin deposits and process Bitcoin withdrawals are going to do so with no fees for the customer, which is also an excellent advantage for the player. Most Bitcoin sportsbooks also have helpful how-to guides so that you can get set up at a Bitcoin Exchange and also fund your wallet. Because cryptocurrency is largely nameless and faceless, it is the safest method of deposit and withdrawal and we all know that safety and security is paramount when betting on sports online.

Bitcoin Is The Preferred Deposit Method At Online Sports Betting Sites

Because BTC is preferred by so many top-rated bitcoin sportsbooks, users that are willing to deposit with that transaction method often get a better deposit promotion & bonus than those that use credit card or a traditional financial institution. The same is true of getting a reload bonus.

The top Bitcoin sports & bookmakers have a high degree of customer confidence. A lot of big bettors and sharp bettors will use cryptocurrency to deposit and withdraw. BTC withdrawals often have higher maximums than other forms of withdrawal as well. Bitcoin Sportsbooks that accept BTC and other cryptos usually catering to bigger bettors and those are obviously places that you want to have an account with because they are trustworthy and safe.

If you are looking for more information about betting with Bitcoin, check out our Bitcoin Betting Guide.

Betting at The Best Bitcoin Sportsbook

With all the positive industry updates, many players are running to online betting sites while preparing for their frequent online visits to some of the best bitcoin sportsbooks.  Online casinos have BTC sports betting and there are independent sportsbooks that are called bookmakers.  Sports betting with bitcoins allows players to place wagers on various events.  Usually, there is a wide selection to choose from including baseball, cricket, boxing, basketball, rugby, and many more.  Acceptance of bitcoins is one of the best for some sportsbooks.  This makes it nicer to place bets on events in the sporting industry.  A player would want many venues to choose from and a simple transfer of funds that could also translate to easy withdrawals of winning amounts.

Bitcoin Sportsbooks and Online Sports Betting Sites Benefits

A good bitcoin sportsbook should benefit both new and returning players in ways that are clearly communicated upfront.  If you want to place bitcoin currency or bitcoin cash bets on different venues, the sportsbook should be available online to offer those amazing selections.  US players can bet on sports legally in the United States with bitcoins.  In fact, deposits with bitcoins are the most common payment options for sportsbooks in the USA.  A guide for utilizing a good bitcoin sportsbook would include helpful benefits for players choosing a specific sportsbook.

Players would want easily claimed bonuses with the transfers of funds into a new account.  Utilizing bonuses would be simply also to benefit new players and those frequently returning to an online bookmaker.  Player reward bonuses could provide improved odds of winning and better payouts.  This could be additional opportunities available to returning players with clear advantages for a good bitcoin sportsbook.  Really well-developed online sites would support the better bonuses and rewards from a bookie that satisfies returning players.

Generous Bitcoin Sportsbook Bonuses and Welcome Promotions

A generous bonus with deposits is a nice offering with rewards for players.  Loyalty points with each bet is a nice addition for a good bitcoin betting site.  Promotions and bonuses being offered with an online sportsbook that accepts bitcoin is the best for players ready for some enjoyable betting.  Online sportsbooks are arranged so nicely for regular visitors and bitcoins are incredible for the world of sports betting.  Honest, safe, and comfortable as a legit online offering are some of the best for players that want a good bitcoin sportsbook.  All of the positive news is appreciated for sports venues and online betting.

Bitcoin FAQs

Can You Bet With Bitcoin?

Most online sportsbooks allow you to deposit via Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies however most convert to dollars at the time of deposit. Withdrawals can then be processed via Bitcoin if desired.

How do you buy cryptocurrency in sports betting?

The easiest way to buy bitcoin or any cryptocurrency is through an exchange, some of the most popular are Voyager, Coinbase,, and Circle!

What is the best Bitcoin Wallet for sports betting?

The best mobile wallet for Bitcoin is mycelium for desktop we like