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XBet.ag Bonuses

  • First Deposit – 50% deposit bonus up to $500 & $10 Casino Chip
  • Casino Deposit – 200% Up to $500
  • Reloads – 25% Reloads!
  • Promo Code: SBAG

Most Xbet fans love their easy-to-navigate website which is perfect for novice bettors. This sportsbook also has one of the quickest, most hassle-free deposit processes out there.

Xbet’s limits aren’t the highest, but that doesn’t impact the vast majority of players. If you open an account with at least $100, bonus options are incredibly competitive. Xbet’s live-betting lines are extensive, and its individual player props are innovative, wide-ranging and customizable.

Xbet represents the modern sportsbook. Despite its young age, Xbet has proven itself as an incredibly reliable option.

XBet Sign Up Bonuses

Xbet has one of the few 50% sign-up offers still available, a standard reload option, rebate opportunities in the racebook, and common refer-a-friend enticements. We’re pretty confident that many options at Xbet are negotiable, but you’ll work for whatever promotion you are looking for. You should also sign-up if you’re comfortable with their modest listed options.

The refer-a-friend program is straightforward: 100% for up to $100 per person referred by you. There’s a 5x rollover, and the $100 isn’t credited until your friend’s money is in their account for 30 days and rolled over five times.

A 50% sign-up bonus of up to $500 is the new player offer, which is a fair enticement, but comes with a few restrictions. The biggest is that you’ll have to deposit at least $100 to be valid. The bonus is awarded as a free play that’s only valid in the sportsbook. The free play option also can’t be used on wagers outside of the -200/+200 range.

Bettors should know that withdrawals are allowed within 30 days of accepting a bonus, unlike many sites. Rollover requirements are in effect and vary depending upon the amount.

Deposit Requirements to Claim 100% Welcome Bonus

Deposit AmountRollover

According to Xbets’ reload parameters, customers qualify for a 50% reload bonus of up to $500, though the fine print indicates that the maximum bonus is $500 (this is one of several areas where the site is a little sloppy). If you pointed out the error to customer service, they would likely honor up to $500. If you deposit less than 50%, your deposit will still qualify for a bonus, but at a smaller 25% bump.

Additional Sports Betting Promos

Horse players may be able to receive an 8% rebate on daily losses, as advertised along the bottom of the Xbet main page. When pressed for details from customer service, however, we were told that such a bonus doesn’t exist. When shown that indeed they do advertise this bonus – and after consulting with management – we were told it existed, but we should contact them again later.

When we followed up, there was no more information available, and it seemed possible it was an old offer. Lack of clarity on both the website and with technical support is a recurring trend at Xbet. Depending upon who you talk with, you can get differing answers throughout the day.


Deposit Options

Though Xbet theoretically offers five ways to deposit, wire transfers are not currently being accepted and haven’t worked for a while. That said, most people are happy to use a credit card, Bitcoin, MoneyGram, or eCheck.

Xbet is one of the few sportsbooks that won’t cover all costs associated with deposits, even if you start out with a decent-sized bankroll. They’ll give you $10 towards any fees you face for deposits of $300 or more. There is no fee for Bitcoin, though you’ll incur a nominal charge from the blockchain that processes the transaction.

Maximum deposit amounts at Xbet are pretty low, which isn’t all that surprising (since limits are capped at $1,000 unless specially arranged).

Funding your account is quick and easy, which is great since bettors typically want to make wagers quickly.

Withdrawals & Payout Times

Bitcoin is really the easiest and most cost-effective way to do business at Xbet. All other withdrawals carry a fee, and it can take over a week to deliver eChecks and wire transfers. Bitcoin, however, is taken care of within three days.

Xbet is dependable: You’ll get your money, and they’re usually pretty quick.

However, there are several details in their withdrawal process to be aware of. Xbet only process payout requests from 8am until 2pm EST each day, and all requests must be made over the phone. Processing takes at least 48 hours, and customer service may request documentation like personal ID and copies of credit cards.

None of those details are out of the ordinary, but it’s always good to be aware of what the process looks like.

BITCOIN$50.00$5,000.00No fees
eCHECK$100.00$3,000.00$100-$499 – $20
$500-$999 – $30
$1,000-$1,999 – $40
$2,000-$3,000 – $60
WIRE TRANSFER$3,000.00$5,000.00$3,000-$4,000 – $68
$4,001-$5.000 – $75

XBet’s Sportsbook


Arguably the best live betting & player props in the biz

It’d be easy to nitpick Xbet for their $2 minimum wagers (instead of the industry standard $1 minimums), having a low maximum bet of $1,000 on marquee events, delivering lines to bettors slower than some competitors, and lacking a poker room. However, in the end, those aspects of Xbet’s sportsbook only matter to a small minority of players.

If you’re seeking a safe place to play with an excellent in-game and props platform, Xbet will do the trick and then some.

Line Selection

On a daily basis, Xbet provides exactly what you would expect and hope for: the ability to bet on a large selection of games and sports. Whether it be college hoops, tennis, golf, motorsports, or football betting lines, large events are covered extensively, with typical -110 juice, and a wide range of wagering options.

More off-the-radar, international events like predicting the next Pope, WWE props, and even where Amazon will decide to house their second headquarters are on the board.

Betting Limits

Limits are an issue for those who like to throw around cash, or players who don’t bet frequently but want to make serious coin when they have a strong opinion. Live betting is generally capped at $500, and – unless discussed with the company – $1,000 is the maximum betting option. While this won’t affect most players, it’s low for occasional high rollers.

You can’t make huge dough on Xbet’s cutting edge Player Props section either. The standard $1,000 is the max, but customizable action on individuals is one of the hottest trends in the industry. Instead of being limited to props on one or two-star players, this technology allows you to:

  • Pick a player
  • Choose a statistical category
  • Get lines on the number of rebounds
  • Get lines on the number of rushing yards
  • Get lines on the number of shots played
  • Play moving over/unders
  • Match players against each other
  • Bet on/against individual players in single games.

The options Xbet provides within this platform are kind of like daily fantasy sports on steroids.

Grading bets is a non-issue at Xbet. We have never witnessed a wager that took an abundance of time to be graded.

Live Betting

Live wagering is where Xbet really shines. It’s efficient, well laid-out, and covers just about every event and type of wager you could want. The live betting options (both ultimate and premium) are extensive.

Ultimate is a little more confusing, but offers more options in terms of props, spreads, and moneylines. Premium is a streamlined, easy-to-use platform for live betting. It doesn’t offer the same wide range of options as the Ultimate Live Betting section, but it is really easy to quickly adapt to.

Live wagering is where Xbet really shines.

Both have games ranging from the NFL to women’s college basketball to international soccer. That said, take note of the juice: Depending upon the event, you may be taxed up to -125 on live betting. It’s important to factor this into your potential ROIs.

Mobile Experience

Xbet has an excellent phone and tablet site. It runs quickly, is easy to get around, and there’s no learning curve. It mimics the site the desktop version without any noticeable downgrades.

With an excellent live betting platform and strong mobile experience, this is perfect for those who bet while attending events or are on the move a lot. Xbet has prioritized simple, thoughtful, and quick user experiences. That’s about the best you can hope for.

Racebook and Casino

Though it’s nice they have a forum to play ponies or slots, these clearly aren’t major points of emphasis for the operator.

The biggest reasons to bet horses at a sportsbook are the rebates and rules around collecting on particular exotic wagers. Xbet has smartly reduced the minimum bet on certain exotic bets to $0.50, however, if you take down a pot that nobody at the track hits (eg. a Pick 4 that has two 50-1 shots in it), they’ll refund your bet instead of awarding the entire pot minus takeout. That said, Xbet racebook rules limit it an occasional hunch play.

The Xbet casino is adequate but unspectacular. While they don’t have a poker room, they do have video poker, slots, 3D slots, a fairly large selection of table games, and several other niche attractions like Keno and Virtual Racebook. Their offerings aren’t anything to write home about but are perfectly fine for a quick escape.

If you chose Xbet for your sportsbook – and once in a while you like to bet on a horse or play a slot – the extras are acceptable, easy to use, and require no download. If you expect to use these products a lot, there may be other places that satisfy your craving better.

Customer Service

Outdated information on the site leads to increased need for support

Let’s start with the positives: Xbet representatives try hard to help to the best of their ability. Whether you reach out via chat or phone, your queries are answered quickly.

Unfortunately, it’s great until you’re told one thing by one customer service agent and something different from someone else.

Though the site is great for betting on sports, it’s a mess when it comes to outlining rules and promotions, which increases the importance of good customer service. Old deals and incorrect information is found throughout the site, blindsiding customer service agents about offers that don’t exist.

That said, once you work up the food chain to supervisors, they try very hard to honor promises, explain regulations, and satisfy customers.

Contact Information

PHONE: 1-888-426-3661


SUPPORT HOURS: Monday – Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00PM

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a safe, reliable site that with a great mobile app, excellent in-game wagering, and modern props, Xbet is a fine choice. The ability to customize wagers adds to the experience.

On the downside, depositing and withdrawals have some red tape, bonuses are capped at a pretty low amount, and rules could be clearer.

At the end of the day, it’s up to bettors to determine which elements are most important to them.