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  • Two sign-up bonus promotions available
  • Offers Bitcoin as a deposit or withdrawal method
  • Large variety of bets available in both the sportsbook and casino
  • SIGNUP BONUS: $1000 Bonus

The currency of the future is Bitcoin. The sportsbook of the future may very well be Nitrogen Sports. It is in our opinion that this is a next-level sportsbook. It probably isn’t the best option for beginning bettors, but those that are well-versed in the industry and are looking for something on the cutting edge are going to love what they find at Nitrogen Sports.

Let’s put it to you this way. In order to access the website, you have to have an account created either for you or by you. That is one of the first levels of security with Nitrogen Sports, a book that allows you to remain anonymous if you desire. Betting is all done by Bitcoin, which means that you aren’t required to supply any personal information if you don’t want to. You can continue to have an anonymous account or you can sign up with a user name and password to make it easier on yourself.

This is next generation sports betting at its finest. Gone are the days of wondering whether or not your check will come or if you will get any questionable looks when you go to deposit your winnings. With Nitrogen Sports, you are using the decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin, so you can move money in and out quickly and safely, all from the comforts of home.

Bitcoin can be a bit of an overwhelming topic for newbies and novices, which is why Nitrogen Sports offers a comprehensive How-To page on how to acquire Bitcoin, how to get your Bitcoin deposits onto the site, how to withdraw your money, and answers a lot of the questions that you may have about how Bitcoin works and why it is the preferred form of transaction for so many traditional sportsbooks and why it is exclusively used at Nitrogen.

If this sounds like something you want to be part of – the future of sports betting – read on. If you like things a little bit simpler and more like what you are used to, we won’t be offended if you check out one of our other sportsbook reviews to find something more your speed.

Nitrogen Sports Sign-Up Bonus
$1000 Bonus

GIMME THIS BONUS! – Take advantage of a bettor-friendly 50% sign-up bonus — with potential earnings as much as $1000 — on this up-and-coming sportsbook!

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  • Two sign-up bonus promotions available
  • Offers Bitcoin as a deposit or withdrawal method
  • Large variety of bets available in both the sportsbook and casino
  • Payout times can be slow, depending on method

Betting with Bitcoin

Nitrogen Sports launched in 2012. All transactions are done via Bitcoin. Basically, your Nitrogen Sports account is however much Bitcoin you want to deposit, or you can connect it directly to your Bitcoin address and have all of your BTC on hand. Operating out of San Jose, Costa Rica, Nitrogen Sports is on the cutting edge of the online sports betting industry. Betting with Bitcoin is safe and secure and preferred to the traditional methods because there are no financial institutions involved in what can sometimes be a major grey area in the sports betting world.

The actual betting process itself is very much like what you would see in a traditional sportsbook. You will select the sports betting market that you want to wager on, like NFL, NCAAF, NCAAB, NBA, NHL, MLB, NHL, horse racing, MMA, boxing, cycling, eSports, tennis, golf, etc. and then go to determine your bet amount. The minimum bet at Nitrogen Sports is .0001 BTC.

It is important to keep in mind that the price of Bitcoin is in a constant state of motion. Unlike dollars and cents, which are what they are, Bitcoin’s price moves by the minute. An increase in the price of Bitcoin will mean an increase in the amount of money in your bankroll. Similarly, a decrease in the price of Bitcoin will mean a decrease in the amount of money in your bankroll.

All betting limits are displayed on the event that you want to place your wager on, so you will know exactly what the maximum bet amount is. For betting purposes, the closing price of Bitcoin is determined by the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index API in US dollars.

Nitrogen Casino and Poker

Nitrogen isn’t just a sportsbook. Far from it. Users also have access to a full-fledged casino where they can use their Bitcoins to play table games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, and Roulette. Virtual slot machines and Video Poker are also available. 100% provably fair casino!

The poker room allows players to buy in with whatever amount of Bitcoin they want and then go head-to-head in tournaments or cash games with other site users.

There is no Racebook at Nitrogen, but horse racing odds are offered as part of the main sportsbook.

Nitrogen Sports Cashier – Deposits & Withdrawals

How does Nitrogen Sports work? All transactions are done in BTC. You can anonymously deposit and withdraw Bitcoin because it is all tied to your personal account. In order to deposit with Nitrogen, you just have to set up a Bitcoin address and move funds to your Nitrogen account. In order to withdraw, you withdraw through that Bitcoin address, with one free withdrawal available every six days.

The process is really simple once you get the hang of it.

Promotions and Bonuses

Because of the fluid nature of the price of Bitcoin and the setup of Nitrogen Sports, there are no sign-up bonuses available. However, to counteract the lack of an initial bonus, Nitrogen offers tons of different contests and promotions, including Parlay Jackpot Promotions, NFL Survivor Pools, Nitro Squares, and more.

Nitro Squares is a Live Contest on a given sports betting event. You pick a square from the grid and that is your entry for the contest. Some are Free to Enter and others require a Buy-In, but they are a fun, and potentially lucrative, way to follow along with a game or an event.

Why Nitrogen Sports?

Many users love the safety and security of Nitrogen Sports. Online sportsbooks have always been a grey area for a lot of people and they have shied away from depositing with those sites because it can be tough as some of the less reputable places to get your winnings. Also, some people are hesitant to put their personal information out there.

You can do everything anonymously at Nitrogen Sports and no banks or financial institutions ever get involved because Bitcoin is the only currency accepted. If you want to be on the cutting edge of sports betting and be part of the currency of the future, this is the spot for you.

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