Philadelphia 76ers

Odds On Several Potential Changes With The Philadelphia 76ers

When a good, talented team like the Philadelphia 76ers gets swept in the first round of the playoffs, there is one thing that is certain—it is time for a change. Now that change could mean a few small details,...
Toronto Raptors vs. Boston Celtics

Eastern Conference Semi-Finals Betting Preview: Toronto Raptors vs. Boston Celtics

Most expected the Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics to meet in the Eastern Conference Semi’s, and after sweeping their respective first-round opponents, that expectation has become a reality.  It looks like it could be a very entertaining series and...
Greg Popovich

Odds On Will Greg Popovich Be Coaching In San Antonio Next Season – Or...

The Brooklyn Nets set their sight high last year when they signed two of the game's most prominent free agents, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. With high-profile, expensive talent like that, it only makes sense for the team to...
New Orleans Pelicans

Odds On Who Will Be the Next Head Coach Of The New Orleans Pelicans?

Going into the bubble, New Orleans Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry had to know his head was on the chopping block. Winning just two games and falling out of playoff contention certainly did not help, and sure enough—he was...
Big Ten and Pac-12

Odds On Will the Big Ten and Pac-12 Play Football In The Spring?

The college football season, if it still happens, is going to be like no other. With the Big Ten and Pac-12 opting out in the fall, there will be fewer games. But in the end, things could be even...
NL East Odds

NL East Odds: Is It Time To Give The Miami Marlins A Chance?

If anyone had tried to say that the Miami Marlins had a shot at winning anything, let alone the NL East when the season started, they would have been laughed at and relentlessly ridiculed. With just 57 wins last...
Dak Prescott, Patrick Mahomes, or Tom Brady

Odds On Whether Dak Prescott, Patrick Mahomes, or Tom Brady Will Break Coronavirus Rules

The NFL is a rather advantageous position. Rather than test out various coronavirus protocols themselves to see what works, they got to watch everyone else do so first. So, when the league devised its protocols, it had a better...

Odds On The NBA Loosening Visitor Restrictions Inside The NBA Playoff Bubble

There was a lot of skepticism about whether the NBA could pull off finishing the season inside a bubble in Orlando. But so far, it looks like the concept is going to work. While there have been some grumblings... Offering Intriguing Prop Bets On Several NFL Superstars

Sportsbooks and bookies stumbled onto an ingenious idea when they realized fans are interested in betting on more than just the outcome of the game or season. Yes, those are what interest people the most. But that is not...
Josh Allen vs. Patrick Mahomes Throw-Off

Odds On The Josh Allen vs. Patrick Mahomes Throw-Off

The idea has been bantered about for over a year now. But it sounds like football fans may soon have some excellent off-season content to distract themselves with-- and bet on. Whatever could it be? How about a throw-off...