What Are The Best Online Sports Betting Sites?

What are the best online sports betting sites? The answer to that question lies in each one of us that enjoys putting down a bet or two. We all have our own opinions as to which sportsbook is the best based on our needs and wants. What matters to you may not matter to me.

But that’s the easy answer, right? That’s not what you’re here for. You want a recommendation. You want us to tell you which sportsbooks we prefer because we’ve been in the industry for a long time and we’ve pretty much seen it all. It’s almost like going to a new city and having a tour guide. We know the places to go, the areas to avoid, and the hidden gems that only something with an intimate knowledge of the place would have.

We have an intimate knowledge of the sports betting business because we’ve been looking at these places for a long time. We’ve seen the industry grow and evolve. We’ve seen new top-rated sportsbooks emerge and become what they envisioned. We’ve seen newcomers falter and fizzle out. We’ve also seen a lot of sportsbooks just provide a solid and steady betting experience for a long period of time.

Something that filters into the discussion of the best online sports betting sites is regulation. How are sports betting sites being regulated? The fact of the matter is that the online sports betting sites regulate themselves through a system of checks and balances within the industry. It is a highly competitive landscape and sportsbooks that aren’t doing what they should or are taking advantage of customers are going to lose business.

Online sportsbooks are registered and licensed outside of the United States, so they are not subject to any oversight or regulation from the US. That is something that does worry US players, but when you look at the online sports betting industry has thrived, it isn’t that big of a concern. The sportsbooks police themselves because they have to and you hear very few horror stories from bettors relative to the volume of players that live in the US and sign up.

With that in mind, what are the best online sports betting sites based on our reviews and evaluations? Your view may vary, but here are the ones that we put up at the top:

Bookmaker – The most trusted name in online sports betting is Bookmaker. For more than 20 years, Bookmaker has been viewed as the gold standard in the industry. Known for being The Place The Line Originates, Bookmaker has taken on big money players, weekend warriors, and everybody in between and has treated all of them with the same level of respect and dignity.

Arguably the most impressive thing about Bookmaker is that it has maintained its spot at or near the top in the minds of virtually every bettor in the face of an ever-changing, constantly-adapting industry. Things were a lot different in 1997 when Bookmaker launched, but evolving with the times has allowed this top-rated sportsbook to remain a trailblazer and a hub for big action into the 2020s.

You have to respect that level of dedication, commitment, and stability. We do. A lot of people do. That’s why Bookmaker is one of the best online sportsbooks.

Bovada – The question here is “best sports betting site” and there is a difference. Some sportsbooks are great, but they have limited offerings otherwise. Not Bovada. Along with being the most popular online sportsbook for US players, Bovada also has one of the top live casinos and most likely the best poker room among the sports betting sites.

In a lot of respects, Bovada delivers on its promise to provide a Las Vegas-style betting experience. Bovada doesn’t take quite as much big-money action as Bookmaker, but this is going to be a perfect place for 99% of prospective bettors and gamblers.

This is a site that came from BoDog and basically took that reputation and that customer base and ran with it to remain at the top of its game since the transition in 2011.

MyBookie – You have to give MyBookie a lot of credit. To step into a crowded and established industry in 2014 and be listed among the best sportsbooks in just a few short years is an incredible achievement. Having a vision and executing it takes a lot of planning and a lot of smart people in charge and MyBookie has been able to crack the code is a much shorter period of time than most sports betting sites.

MyBookie is the best sports betting site for recurring promotions and deposit bonuses, which is a big draw. If you do go broke or need to add money to your account for whatever reason, MyBookie offers daily and weekly promotions. They make it easy for you to stick around and that pull is what has them on track to possibly be the most-trafficked sportsbook for US players within the next five years.

You definitely deserve to be mentioned among the best online sports betting sites when you can accomplish what MyBookie has done in just a handful of years of existence.

Be sure to read more on all three of these sportsbooks with our official reviews and also take advantage of the exclusive deposit sign-up bonuses here at Sportsbooks.ag.