NFL in Passing Yards This Season

Odds On Who Will Lead The NFL in Passing Yards This Season

As the rules of the NFL trend more and more in favor of protecting quarterbacks and encouraging teams to pass, quarterbacks are going to continue to post gaudy numbers—like last year’s champ, Jameis Winston (5,109 yards). Since Winston is now...
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Can Tom Brady Help the Buccaneers Make History This Year?

There is little that Tom Brady did not accomplish during his time with the New England Patriots. With the career that he has had there, his name is already all over the record books. But there is one thing...
nfl undefeated season odds

Odds On Any NFL Team Having an Undefeated Regular Season In 2020

Perfection in the form of an undefeated regular season is a great goal to work towards. Many NFL teams and players will say that is precisely what they do. While they will likely not achieve perfection, by working towards...

Odds On Who The Last Undefeated Team Will Be In The NFL This Season

The NFL season cannot get here soon enough this year. People might not mind being stuck at home so much if they had some football to watch. Of course, the better the football, the more likely fans will watch....
Big 12

2020 Big 12 Odds: Can Anyone Challenge Oklahoma This Season?

Since it was formed in 1996, the Big 12 has been owned by Oklahoma with the Sooners winning the conference 13 times. They are currently on a five-season winning streak (2015-19) and are favored by many to make it...
New Orleans Saints

2020 New Orleans Saints Odds & Prop Bets

Is Drew Brees Ready To Protest And Take A Knee After Comments Result In Backlash? Typically, at this time of year, when we talk about New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, it is because we are wondering if he is...
College Football PAC-12

Odds on Who Will Win The College Football PAC-12 The 2020 Season

The PAC-12 had one of the more intriguing championship races last season except for one small thing—it was only between two teams. Other than Oregon, Utah Utes, and USC, there was not much to talk about when it came...

Are The Houston Texans Still The Team To Beat In The AFC South?

The Houston Texans have been the team to beat in the AFC South in recent years, winning four of the last five division titles. However, with some of the questionable moves made by Texans head coach/general manager Bill O’Brien...

Odds on The Washington Redskins (Possible) New Name

With all of the social justice initiatives taking place and the intense push for change nationwide, it was only a matter of time before the name of Dan Snyder’s NFL team, the Washington Redskins, came under fire. The embattled...
jamal adams

Odds on Whether the Jets Trade Jamal Adams and Where He Could Land

When teams draft a player in the first round, they hope he turns out as good as Jamal Adams has turned out for the Jets. But a problem often arises when they do—figuring out when to pay a guy...
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