Sports Betting in Indiana

Indiana Governor, Eric Holcomb, signed the state’s sports betting back in May 2019, after he signed a huge gambling expansion into law. This made Indiana one of the first states to accept the activity in 2019. The governor himself was the first to place a bet! “Sports wagering is now legal in Indiana, and I was excited to be the first Hoosier to place a bet,” Governor Holcomb tweeted. Holcomb placed his wager on the NBA, NFL and WNBA and proceeded to say that any winnings from the bests would go to the Canine Assist Network.

Currently, there are about 4 land-based sportsbooks that accept bets in Indiana, with more scheduled to open in the future. Interestingly, online and mobile sports betting is also legal in Indiana, but none of the licensed and legit sportsbooks have applied for the option.

The sports betting scene in Indiana is not active, but also highly. It keeps growing by the day. Our in depth review seeks to answer any questions that you might have regarding sports betting in the state of Indiana. You can find all information about the games you can bet on, the types of wagers available, where the money generated from this activity goes, what taxes are involved, where you can place your bets, and so much more below. Read on!

How does sports betting work in Indiana?

First things first; before you can place your bets in Indiana, you have to be at least 21 years of age. You can either visit a physical or rather land-based sportsbook facility, log in online or use a mobile app to place your wagers. The only thing here is that you need to ensure that the operator you are using is regulated and legally licensed.

To play on mobile or online, you have the option to register remotely. To successfully sign up and be in a position to place bets, operators will need to verify your identity. One way of doing this is by making use of geo-location tracking. This is basically some sort of software that runs in the background after you make your first download. Upon logging in, the software gets pinged, to actually confirm that you are within the state’s borders before you can proceed. If you are not, the software detects this automatically, so you cannot proceed with the registration.

To set up an account, you will only be required to provide basic information including your legal name, your email address, your physical or residential address, your telephone number, your debit card or credit card number and maybe the last few digits of your social security number. As soon as your account is set, you are good to go.

What are some of the Indiana betting restrictions?

Indiana seems to have welcomed sports wagering with open arms. As such, its list of prohibited activities is quite scanty. You can bet on literally all major sports, and any other sports that fall into this category with zero qualms. The only major restrictions are on betting on high school athletics as well as e-sports. Betting on college sports is acceptable, and so is wagering on the NBA and NFL drafts.

When compared to other markets whose restrictions apply on these two fronts, Indiana is quite accommodative and diverse on matters sports betting. For instance, while Indiana allows betting on teams within the state, New Jersey does not allow wagering on any team in the state or even any event that happens there.

Where can I go for sports betting in Indiana?

Almost every casino in Indiana has been issued with a sports betting license. However, Indiana’s Gaming Commission has allowed launch dates in only eight retail sportsbooks. Some of the very first casinos that launched include Shelbyville’s Indiana Grand Casino, East Chicago’s Ameristar Casino and Lawrenceburg’s Hollywood Casino. Later in September 2019, Winners’ Circle casino, in downtown Indianapolis, followed suit and started accepting sports bets too.

Other casinos that were set to open sports betting activities in the near future include: the Blue Chip Casino (in Michigan City), Horseshoe Hammond Casino, French Lick Casino (in French Lick) as well as Belterra Casino (in Florence). Other notable casinos whose plans to launch sports betting are underway are Anderson’s Harrah’s Hoosier Park, Elizabeth’s Horseshoe Southern, Rising Star’s Rising Star Casino, Winners’ Circle and Tropicana Evansville Casino, located in New Haven and Clarksville, respectively.

Is it legal to conduct online sports betting in Indiana?

When it comes to online sports wagering, there are still some gray areas. While mobile sports betting was legalized in the state on 1st September 2019, there is no licensed gaming venue that has applied for this option just yet.

Mobile sports betting in Indiana

There had been several months of uncertainty in regards to when exactly mobile sports betting would be launched in the state. However, September 25th 2019 saw Indiana’s gaming officials make quite an exciting announcement. Rush Street Gaming, in conjunction with French Lick Casino was authorized to carry out mobile sports betting in Indiana, starting 3rd October 2019.

The gaming officials affirmed that the sports wagering operations in Rush Street Gambling facility met Indiana’s requirements. French Lick Casino went on to mention that all its sports wagering activities available in their retail sportsbook would also be made available in its online sportsbook. However, it is still unclear as to when other locations that carry out sports betting activities will be allowed to conduct mobile sports wagering.

The state’s gambling commission only authorized sports betting in Indiana, without categorically stating when mobile sports betting would happen. All online sports betting sites in Indiana will have to be tied or tethered to physical locations, a somewhat similar approach to how mobile sports wagering happens in states like New Jersey. As soon as these facilities start offering mobile betting, their websites and Apps will be available virtually anywhere across the state.

Types of sports bets that I can make in Indiana

In Indiana, you will find all traditional bet types including moneylines, overs, unders, spreads, props, parlays and so many more. The particular sports that you can bet on are also as expansive. You can place your bets on MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS, Auto Racing, Tennis, Boxing and an array of other exciting games.

One surprising thing in Indiana is that betting on collegiate sports and placing bets on Indiana-based teams is completely legal! While the NCAA has been a strong opponent of sports gambling, they can only do so much about the situation. They would have to ask the Indiana Gambling Commission to ban betting on certain events in advance, but it is up to the IGC to grant them this request or not.

What is Indiana’s sportsbook pricing like?

When it comes to sports betting in Indiana, you will find that the pricing here is right on point when compared to other states in the country. This does not mean that odds are exactly the same; however, it is a strong indication that the market here is competitive enough to match up with markets across the nation. The pricing in Indiana has no glaring outliers per say.

Strengths of Indiana sportsbook pricing

  • Fair prices and competitive odds
  • In-line with the general market consensus
  • Huge market place to shop from

Weaknesses of Indiana sportsbook pricing

  • There are operators who will enjoy more action than others
  • It is not every sport that will receive a lot of betting activity in the state
  • Enthusiasm for local teams could affect the market around those particular games

Sports betting Apps available in Indiana

While legal sports gambling is fantastic, having a sportsbook app right by your side makes the entire experience even better. Indiana has many sports betting apps available, which means that bettors are spoiled for choice. However, some are better than others in terms of experience and what they offer.

We took our time to sample some apps available in the state of Indiana. We found that a good number of these platforms are downright awesome! With these apps, you can perform all betting activities seamlessly without missing out on anything. Most of the apps are not only user-friendly and intuitive, but they also offer bettors an impressive sign-up offer to go with it. Below are our top picks:

DraftKings Sportsbook

Featuring one of the smoothest platforms in the market, it should be no surprise that Draftkings has quickly scaled the heights, becoming a leader in all states where it is present, including Indiana. Ever since their coming to being, they have continuously outdone themselves. When it comes to its mobile platform, the live-betting feature will definitely standout and capture your attention. The software that is behind the scenes here is quite fast, creating a live betting experience that is seamless and lighting fast.

This reputable gambling firm penetrated Indiana’s Market through an exclusive deal with East Chicago’s Ameristar Casino Hotel. The app is well designed, smooth and easy to use. Priding in an array of built-in features, you will not have an overwhelming experience with annoying lag time.

DraftKings knows just how to appeal to gamblers; it does not shy away from giving out promotions. As soon as you start wagering on the app, you will notice the scoring bonuses, odds boosts and other incentives quite regularly. DraftKings sportsbook plans on maintaining its reputation as your go-to operator of choice. While there is stiff competition, this operator has somewhat managed to create a cutting edge for themselves. Their developers are always working on something new to tap into the market.

BetMGM Sportsbook

This brand from MGM needs no introduction. As such, expectations for its mobile app platform are quite high. BetMGM sportsbook is an impressive mobile platform featuring competitive lines and odds. Additionally, it offers you all the sports betting markets you could ever ask for, provided they are legal in the state.

While navigation requires some level of mastery, the app is generally easy to use. BetMGM makes up for this slight complication by offering quite an impressive selection of promotions and incentives. BetMGM has partnered with Belterra Casino Resort to officiate its mobile operations in the state. Its app is available both on Android and IOS, with the sign up process being so easy and straightforward.

BetMGM is seeking to remain in its position among the top sports betting platforms across the country. While the brand name comes in handy, the firm is not just resting on its glories there. Its developers are constantly coming up with new and creative ways of revolutionizing the apps overall experience.

Payment options

Casino and sports wagering operators in the state want to make cash deposit options quite easy for you. To ensure that this happens, they have partnered up with tons of banks and payment processors.  Deposit methods include online bank transfers, credit or debit cards, direct cash payments at the casinos’ cashier’s cage, casino prepaid cards and e-wallets such as Paypal, Neteller etc.

Withdrawal methods do not necessarily include all the possible deposit methods, but all the licensed sportsbooks are required to provide swift and easy withdrawal options. The beauty of working with a state-licensed operator is that withdrawal options are fast and convenient, which is not always the case with the offshore and unregulated markets.

Bonuses & free bet offers

Competition among operators is quite strong, something which works in favor of the bettors. Operators will do anything to get attention and win more gamblers over. They do so by offering lucrative bonuses and incentives. These offers come in the form of free bets, deposit bonuses, risk-free bets and so many more.


  1. Is live betting available in Indiana?

Yes. In-game wagering is available in both the existing retail sportsbooks in Indiana as well as the upcoming mobile betting apps.

  1. What are some of the taxes associated with sports betting in Indiana?

Sports betting in Indiana comes at a fee, for both the operators and the bettors. Operators in the state will have to pay $100,000 for their initial license and an additional $50,000 annual renewal fee. There is a 9.5% tax set on the revenue generated from sports wagering in Indiana. Out of this figure, 3.3% will go into gambling addiction services in the state. Sports bettors are required to declare their sports winnings when filing their returns.

  1. What other form of gambling is legal in Indiana?

Well, horse race betting is the most common sports betting activity outside the physical casinos. You can visit either one of two racinos in Indiana Grand or Hoosier Park for all your horse racing gambling activities.