Why Bookmaker.eu Is The Best Online Sportsbook For US Players

There are hundreds of sportsbooks to choose from when looking for a place to bet on sports and it is obvious that all of these locations are trying to get your business. It takes a lot for one sportsbook to rise above the rest and be one of the best in the business but one sportsbook has done it.

The one sportsbook that is the best is Bookmaker.eu . They are a global leader when it comes to sports betting and although they do not accept any players from the United States, they are one of the best in the sports betting business for many reasons.

At Bookmaker.eu it all starts with the sports betting platform where they have a long list of things to wager on every single day. They also have a live betting platform that is second to none. The lines are updated every minute of the match. You can experience the action with a variety of bets on NFL, NBA and Football soccer. Join Bookmaker.eu and experience the thrill of live betting and get more options that you will get at any other sports betting site and it comes with many great features. These features include live betting on televised sporting events, wagers graded and player accounts credited in real time and an easy to use web interface that will bring fun to the live betting experience.

Free Daily Contests at Bookmaker

They also have great free contests that get their players involved in just about anything. One of the best contests that they have is the streak contest. All you have to do is choose a winner every day and put together a streak to win $25,000 USD. There are prizes for 5, 9,13,17 and 21 consecutive wins, plus a $1000 USD monthly award for the participant that wins more than anyone else. How easy is it to play? All you have to do is predict the winner of one of the selected daily games, and once the match-up is graded, you can make your next pick. Then build the longest winning streak or the most correct picks each month and win. The more games that you win the bigger prizes that you will get, and you will also get bragging rights as one of the best in the business.

Bookmaker Loyalty Program

They also have a loyalty program. At Bookmaker, they appreciate every time you play with them no matter the size of your bet. To reward your loyalty, you can earn valuable Bet Points on your sports betting. Accumulate your Bet Points and redeem them for cash and other rewards. The more you play, the more Bet Points you can earn!

In short Bookmaker has everything which includes a loyalty program, special contests and great betting options for all of their players. Bookmaker.eu has been in the business for a long time and they have built a reputation as the best place to bet on sports in the entire sports betting industry.