When the Dallas Cowboys placed the franchise tag on Dak Prescott, they knew what they were doing. They were making sure that they secured the future of the franchise for at least one more season. Since the Cowboys and Prescott were unable to find common ground before the franchise tag deadline, they will have him for at least one more season.

So, the question fans will have to ask themselves now is whether he will be around beyond this season. Is there a chance he is playing for someone else next season in Week One?

The oddsmakers at BetOnline.ag seem to think so:

Dak Prescott team in Week 1 of 2021 regular season Odds:

    • Indianapolis Colts +600
    • Los Angeles Chargers +700
    • Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings +800
    • Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints +900
    • Las Vegas Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington +1000
    • Carolina Panthers, New England Patriots +1200
    • Detroit Lions, Tennessee Titans +1400, Miami Dolphins +1600
    • Buffalo Bills   +1800
    • Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets +2000
    • Houston Texans +2500

It may seem a little presumptuous for the oddsmakers to leave the Cowboys out of the mix, but they have. Even if the Cowboys and Prescott can’t come to an agreement next year, they will likely tag him again (and pay him around $37 million for the ’21 season).

Of course, if Prescott and new head coach Mike McCarthy were to clash or if Prescott has a bad year, they will likely let him walk. Assuming that is the case, or the Cowboys decide not to pay him, where will he go?

There are several possibilities, but first, let’s eliminate a few of the candidates.

Houston will not be getting rid of Deshaun Watson anytime soon, so forget about the Texans. The Bengals just drafted Joe Burrow. Even if he flops hard this season, they are not going to move on from him. The same can be said for the Miami Dolphins and Tua Tagovailoa.

Dwayne Haskins is not going anywhere yet, and neither is Sam Darnold or Josh Allen. The Titans have invested too heavily in Ryan Tannehill to let him walk.  Kirk Cousins hasn’t been phenomenal for the Vikings, but he has been good enough (and is locked up for a couple more years).

It is probably more likely Matt Rhule gives Teddy Bridgewater at least two seasons in Carolina. That leaves the Colts, Chargers, Bears, Jaguars, Saints, Raiders, Steelers, Lions, and Patriots.

So—who should you bet on?

The Steelers and Saints are distinct possibilities should their current quarterbacks decide to retire. The Jaguars might if the Gardner Minshew experience fails. Then again, if it does, the Jags could have a line on drafting Trevor Lawrence.

Most likely, it will be either the Colts, Chargers, Bears, or Patriots. Of the three, it is easier to see Prescott getting a deal he likes with the Colts over the other three.

Take Indianapolis.