With the many things that can go wrong during the season, the chances an NFL team remains perfect throughout the regular season and/or playoffs are high—or at least should be. Only two teams have ever finished a regular season undefeated, and only one since the schedule has included 16 games.

The ’72 Dolphins are the only team to ever go undefeated, including the Super Bowl. But while the accomplishment is rare, whether anyone can do it grabs a lot of interest every season, and this year is no different.

Is it worth it to bet on one of them getting it done this year, either for the regular season or through the playoffs? Bovada a US Sportsbook is offering odds on whether someone can make it happen this season:

  • Will Any Team Go 16-0 In The Regular Season?
    • Yes +800
    • No -2500

According to those odds, there is only an 11.11 percent chance someone pulls it off this season and a 96.15 percent chance it does not. Those odds are not too encouraging—especially since there are only three undefeated teams left, the Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee Titans, and Pittsburgh Steelers.

With so few teams in the mix, it becomes less likely that anyone will remain undefeated but not impossible. However, unless their defense makes a dramatic turnaround sooner rather than later, Seattle will not stay undefeated for long.

The Tennessee Titans seem to be well-rounded. They have been able to move the ball with the passing game and run game. The defense has come up big in many games, and when it has not, the offense pulled through.

However, they face an opponent this week that could end the undefeated ride for them, the other undefeated team— the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Ben Roethlisberger has yet to play his best game, but between how he has played, the running game, and the defense, they are getting the job done. As for their matchup with the Titans this week, they are favored by two. With spreads that small, anyone can win.

Both teams have at least two challenging games remaining beyond this one (Tennessee—Ravens and Packers; Steelers—Ravens (2X) and Bills). So, the winner of their game Sunday is hardly a lock.

  • Will Any Team Go 19-0 And Win the Super Bowl?
    • Yes +1400
    • No -10000

As could be expected, the odds of this happening are even smaller. There is a 6.67 percent chance it will and a 99.01 percent chance it will not. Should Seattle make it through the regular season undefeated, they will have to get past either the Green Bay Packers or Tampa Bay Buccaneers—which will not be easy.

If they do, then there will be the Chiefs (probably) waiting for them in the Super Bowl, which means the Steelers and Titans don’t make it.

So—how should you bet?

While the idea of someone going undefeated is fun to think about, no one will do it this year. Seattle’s defense will cost them a game at some point. While there is a very slim chance the Titans or Steelers could go 16-0, the Chiefs will win the AFC.

You will have to risk a lot to win a little, but take ‘no’ on both.