Sportsbooks and bookies stumbled onto an ingenious idea when they realized fans are interested in betting on more than just the outcome of the game or season. Yes, those are what interest people the most. But that is not how you are going to get many interested in putting money down.

No, sometimes, you have to pose a question or scenario that makes fans and potential gamblers think for a moment or two. It has to intrigue them and grasp ahold of their interest. It needs to be different. Most books accomplish this through prop bets; things people can gamble on other than the outcome of the game. has posted some rather unique prop bets featuring some of the game’s biggest superstars you will not want to miss!

Odds On Odell Beckham Jr. Throws TD Pass This Upcoming Season

    • yes +200
    • no -300

OBJ does have five pass attempts to his name throughout his career. Three of them were completed, and two did go for touchdowns (both with the Giants in 2018). Last season he did have two attempts and one completion for 20-yards, but no touchdown.

But with a new coaching regime come new possibilities. However, during Kevin Stefanski’s time as the offensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings, the Browns new head coach had someone other than a quarterback throw a pass once.

Odds On OBJ Opts Out At Anytime Of The 2020 NFL Football Season

    • yes +600
    • no -1000

OBJ has been an outspoken critic of the league’s desire to hold a season this year. But rather than opt-out, he is playing– so far. While the official time to opt-out has passed, if OBJ decides he wants to for whatever reason he comes up with, he will.

There may be consequences and some backlash, but he will not care. However, as long as he has enough balls thrown his way and the Browns are not a train wreck again, he’ll probably play.

Odds On Russell Wilson Lands Restaurant Endorsement Deal

    • yes – offering anything “unlimited” -180
    • no – offering anything “unlimited” +140

Are you confused by this one? You are not alone, and probably don’t spend a ton of time on social media. But recently, an old video Russell Wilson shared with the world resurfaced and went viral. In it, and in the most cringe-worthy way possible, he gives himself a terrible nickname—Mr. Unlimited.

Because of that, his marketability as a star quarterback, family man, and a likable guy, will a restaurant (likely one with a buffet) want an endorsement?


Odds On Lamar Jackson Having A Receiving TD This Upcoming Season?

    • yes +300
    • no -400

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is one of the most gifted and dynamic athletes in the NFL. But while he ran and threw his way into the hearts of fans last season, he did not do one thing—catch a touchdown pass (or any pass).

So, is there reason to think that will change this season? It would be foolish to risk the franchise on a gimmick play like that.  Then again, Joe Flacco was targeted twice during his time as the Ravens QB, and he has never been half the athlete Jackson is.

Odds On How Many Fans In Attendance At Super Bowl LV

    • over 20,000 fans +300
    • under 20,000 fans -400

Raymond James Stadium, where Super Bowl LV is scheduled to take place this season, holds over 65,000 people. With the revenue that 65000+ tickets can generate, the NFL will want as many people in the stands as possible.

However, at the same time, if the coronavirus is still holding the country hostage, the league will limit the number of tickets (and hike up the prices accordingly).

So—how should you bet?

The first four are easy—take ‘no’ for all of them. But the last one is tough. The NFL owners never want to pass on the chance to make money. If the state of Florida is okay with a full stadium or a half-full one, the league will go for it.

Go ahead and take ‘yes.’